Rudolph? Is That…You?

‘Tis the season for…Shar Pei Puppehs with…REINDEER ANTLERS!

Assimilated from The Pet Collective.


  1. That’s not Rudolph .. There’s no red bleepable nose ..

    He looks more like Chet ( From SantaClaus][ )

  2. Rudolph, Darling, you really let yourself go! Don’t worry with a little Botox we’ll straighten out those wrinkles in no time!

  3. Get. These. Off. Me. NOW.

  4. I don’t know if this is hysterical or torturous!!

  5. For pups, everything is a game. “Why’d you put this thing on my head? I’ll get this thing that you put on my head. I’ll get it. And I’ll bite it. And I’ll shake it. And I’ll get this thing on my… YOU’VE got a thing on your head too!” *gnaws on siblings antlers*

  6. It’s absolutely hysterical. 🙂

  7. In all but one case the antlers are sock sort of things put over the puppies’ ears (which one of them hates and the other is indifferent to; I agree it’s debatable whether the “hate” one is cute). But in one case the socks are attached to the top of the puppy’s head. I don’t see a chinstrap, but on a shar pei, it could be lost in the skin folds. Does anyone else understand this better?