Hot, Steamy Kitten-on-Penguin Action!

Oh, mah dawlin’, (slurp) ah get all misty when ah’m near you (slurp, slurp). Your hot kisses are (slurp) lahk a bray-eth of fresh aay-yah, ah dew (slurp) dee-clay-yah…

Hanh S. shares: “My kitty Darth Nori wheezes like Darth Vader (hence her name), but ever since she started making out with Petey (her penguin humidifier), she’s been breathing easy! Great for those pesky winter coughs/sneezes!”



  1. ACK .. Title/topic P0rn .. LOL !!

    Kitty loves her penguin

  2. Awww… what sweet hoomins to buy Nori her very own humidifier!

  3. whawhawhatsis says:

    A penguin humidifier! I must find one. Even if my kitty doesn’t need it!


  5. Indeed–three cheers for Nori’s hoomins! They got Miss Nori a stylin’ collar as well.

  6. Aw this is so sweet!

  7. Heh heh…

  8. Any hoomin who buys their wheezy pet a humidifier is aces in my book. Darth Nori is lucky to be so loved.

  9. I have the same model and got it on Amazon. I also have adorable photos of my dearly departed Dedalus Diggle eating penguin breath. He didn’t french the penguin like Darth Nori, but he did eat the steam.

  10. I love that name, Darth Nori.

  11. In this picture she is worshipping her penguin overlord, Darth Vapor.

  12. *falls off chair laughing* 😆

  13. Fleurdamour says:


  14. * rim-shot *

  15. Okay, time to rewrite the #1 on the Best Comments of 2013 😀

  16. *bows deeply in respect*

  17. AWW 😀 I am glad that you were able to find a humidifier for your dear sweet kitty, Darth Nori, Hanh S. 😀

  18. sabrina rose says:

    Mr. Penguin’s gaze appears fixed on Darth Nori’s long eyelashes! Maybe it’s really true loff!

  19. How cute, and it helps baby kitty! Aww

  20. Yay, Peteys for all! I got him at Target. Now I need another one for myself.

  21. Darth Nori: “The Force is strong in 260Oakley”

  22. I didn’t think it would work at first. She ignored poor Petey for a while, but once I moved him to the floor and dialed up the mist so that it was strong and visible, she responded well. Now she just sneezes out her snot on me all the time, and I loff it!

  23. dolphin815 says:

    I’m disappointed. I was expecting a lot of pearl-clutching action in response to this one… 😉

  24. Ha!! I wish I was this clever! 😀

  25. We have a friend who moved in with his four cats (added to our three!) and his cat Boots has horrible congestion too. My vet did lots of tests and x-rays and we tried lots of different medications, but the one thing that helps is over-the-counter Chlor-Trimeton . It’s made a HUGE difference. He weighs just over 12 lbs and gets a 1/2 tablet twice a day. When he is having a really bad day I add a 1/4 pill halfway between the other two doses. Even if your vet says antihistamines don’t work (as mine did), at least give it a try. Of course make sure that if Dori is on any other meds that they don’t interact with the Chlor-Trimeton.

  26. Dang, forgot. The one place I found in our area that carries it is Walmart.

  27. spoken like a true mother