WHERE Is The Old Man??

Bunbun, chill! Santa’s not ’til the 25th. Ten more days!

“Hi! I have been following your site for several years and am quite a fan :-). This is Bunbun enjoying Christmas. He’s a wonderful little pet. He is super gentle and has a great little personality. He loves everyone…except my daughter’s kittens who he is frantic to chase out of ‘his territory.’ Being only about a pound and a half each, they are obviously a true threat!” -Harmony P.



  1. He looks perfect under the tree, how festive! Yay, Holiday Bunnies!!

  2. Smartypants says:

    Bunbun needs an Advent calendar to help him count the days – behind each little window is, say, a carrot or some Cheerios…

  3. Ok, I must know. Is that a fake tree? Because we can’t let Manny (our adorable English Lop) anywhere near our tree because he keeps eating it!

    Your Bunbun is a cutie. (funny – we call our Manny “bun bun” a lot)

    Now if I could just get a video of one of us chasing him around the tree. Funny scene that happens often and would be a good CO post.

  4. …or shredded wheat 🙂

  5. BunBun looks really cozy, doesn’t he?

    Yeah, let’s see how that territory boundaries are in a year when those kittens are more than a pound.

  6. aww! Le Bunbun esocoot!

  7. Harmony Paticoff says:

    Yes, it is a fake tree….which I never thought I’d get. He’s pretty good about not eating it but every once in awhile he will sneak a nibble and that’s when the squirt bottle comes out 🙂