After a Long Day

These lucky Japanese peeps like to go out fo’rabbit to a cafe’ that’s really hopping, where you can say to your date, “Please, this one’s on me”, and bunnies are lapin it up!

Rabbit Cafe in Yokohama, Japan featured on UZOOUK via YouTube.



  1. *squee!*

    Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. 😉

  2. waitingforthefall says:

    rabbits have the softest fur. I can see how petting them would be relaxing.
    I wonder how much they charge for that.

  3. That’s awesome! I want a rabbit cafe in my town, please 😀

  4. Those are some well socialized bunnies. They’re not all that cuddly, naturally.

    *sigh* If I had an ounce of business-sense and these were nigh-impossible to work out the legalities for (at least here), THIS would be a dream-profession for moi!

  5. No Shame my friend, no shame. Even for dudes. 😉


  7. Wow, that is some HEAVY disapproval from that first rabbit–I’d watch my back were I the owner! AND if I were the owner, these buns would not all be in tiny cages! There are other cafes that have free-roaming rabbits, like those lucky cats the owner has next door! Sorta conflicted about this post–yea, buns! vs. booo, cages!

  8. Yeah…I’m squeeing because, well, bunnies, and cuddlier bunnies than mine is (sigh.) But sad to see them all cooped up. The great part of bunnies is watching them romp and binky! Mebbe if this place takes off they’ll have a bunny playroom.

  9. YES! As wonderful as cuddling is 🙂 seeing a bun doing “The Matrix”-type moves is giggle-inducing…you really see their personalities!

  10. anonymous coward says:

    …”bunnies”… “lapin”… 🙂

    good one.

    (btw, you forgot the “s” at the end of “lapin” for it to match.)

  11. I’m assuming that these cute fluffies get a lot of out of cage time 🙂