Putting Up The Tree Today?

Remember, put the lights on first, THEN the ornaments cat.




Le Creditos~

1) “At our local Wild Birds Unlimited store the store owner’s kitties decided to decorate the tree ‘their way.'” -Patty P.
2) “Here’s an ornament you won’t find at every K-Mart: Bart’s first Xmas. This big Maine Coon is now over 20 lbs and prefers to sleep UNDER the tree.” -Checkyourmailmd.
3) “I decorated the tree today. It took a REALLY REALLY L-O-N-G time!!! (I can’t imagine why!) I love your site! I would LOVE to see my babies made famous on CO!!!Love you!” -Robin G.
4) “Charlie’s all set for Christmas with loads of red-n-green catnip mice and jingle balls. Bonus appearance by the aptly-named Ninja (top left, can you spot her??)” -Jennifer L.



  1. I’ll just leave this song here…

  2. I love the “Where’s Waldo” aspect of the last pic! I did have to go back and look. I found him!!! 😀

  3. That is so hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh – I needed this 🙂

  4. 😆 If the humans could bolt the Christmas tree to the wall or tie to a hook on the ceiling, those kitties could run up and down it to their hearts’ content 😆

  5. O Christmas tree!O Christmas tree!
    Your ornaments are history!
    (quote from a lolcat)