Alba the Galga

“Dear Cuteologists, As the superstorm “Xaver” had Europe in its grip, I took this photo of Alba, the galga, huddled in my down-jacket. (Yes, that’s me in the background laughing my butt off) …”

And so with that, we have the most forlorn puppy pupae that ever pupated as a puppy in a toasted marshmallow monster cocoon!

“Cheers from Hamburg, Germany.” -Janne.



  1. Poor dog’s thinking, “My butt is going to be cold….”

  2. He has this look on his face, “Why does my hoomin do this to me?”

  3. That is the infamous “I am going to report you for animal cruelty” look. If it was really cold when she went outside, though, she was probably glad she had that ridiculous thing on. (Besides, I think it’s a requirement of all Greyhound/Galgo/sighthound friendbeasts to post a picture of their hound in winter gear.)

  4. Poor wee doggeh is embarrassed…. =(

  5. Cute or sad? Sad.

  6. Actually, my friend, who also lives in Hamburg, has several dogs (rescues as well as non-rescues), and when Xaver hit, the rescues refused to go outside unless they were given jackets to protect them (they look pretty much like this dog in the picture), but then they were willing to go outside.

  7. That is fabulous! Smart dogs!!

  8. Janne, I hope all is well now, weather-wise. Also, a jaunty scarf might make Alba cheer up a little. Or maybe a bowl of hot chocolate. Always works for me when I’m bundled up for bad weather!

  9. I think he looks adorable! And not embarrassed or sad, he just looks like he’s standing there… in a coat…

  10. Jenny Islander says:

    Quite a few sled dogs will lie in their straw beds waving their paws at you and giving you the stinkeye until the stoopid hoomin gets a clue and puts their booties on. Others act like you’re doing something awful every single time you change them, then jump up and go to the sled to be hitched up. Dogs!

  11. Jenny Islander says:

    No, no chocolate for dogs! But I know a lot of dogs and cats that adore a nice bowl of warm broth (made without onions or garlic) when the weather is cold.

  12. Given the context of the pic, that’s somewhat of an ironic poster on the wall.

  13. Galga=greyhound, right?

  14. Chocolate Bad for doggehs, hot or cold!

  15. “How do I even… do my legs still work? oh god do I still have my legs?! Human, take this off of me and help me find my legs! I’m .. just going to stand here until we get things worked out.”

  16. “And she is laughing herself sick” 😀

  17. That’s about right for the greyhound thought process…

    My Dakota had a “oh good lord, now what” pose whenever she was presented with something new. She’d stand stock still and only look out of the corner of her eyes…

  18. I tried responding earlier and don’t know why it didn’t post. But I didn’t even think about chocolate and doggies, and promise to never serve hot chocolate to a doggie. Only warm broth, I promise~

  19. Xaver turned out to be only about half as bad as the forecast said, so we were fine. Actually, Alba has plenty of her own coats to keep her warm and she doesn’t mind wearing them at all. It must’ve been me laughing in the background that unsettled her 😉