Pugliest Christmas Sweater

Grandma says it brings out my eyes.

“Daryl the Pug!” -Samantha P.



  1. Looks like Daryl is suffering from a bad case of fur collar-a.

  2. This is my pug Daryl and my other pug Daryl. 🙂

  3. Looks like Grandma’s been giving out squishy hugs again! Daryl’s giving her the stink-eye because she didn’t fix his sweater afterwards!

  4. OK, am I the only one who looked at the picture, read the hover, and for a split second misread “forefront” as “foreskin”?

  5. As in we wish you a Merry Bris-mas?

  6. Aw! That sounds just like something a grandma would say!

  7. Awww Daryl. I think a bigger, higher collar would be cute. Maybe a fun fur hood?