(Hoo Boy, Am I in Trouble)

(We just had a big screwup on the factory floor, and now I gotta go into the boss’ office and explain how he’s stuck delivering eight pallets of G.I. Joes with matching heels and handbags, and 50,000 Barbies with kung-fu grip.)

Kathleen H. writes: “Please find attached a photo of our rescue puppy Pedro. He’s of the Heinz 57 variety, and was found abandoned on the highway in San Pedro in Spain, earlier this year. Now he lives in the North of England where he is very confused by the weather and lack of churros. Please feel free to post his pic. He is incredibly vain, and would love that!”



  1. Pedro is the cutest elf ever! And l love the commentary, Kathleen H.

  2. Something like that did actually happen back in 1993, with the electronics inside talking Barbies and G.I. Joes being swapped.

  3. Lol!

  4. GI Joe can probably pull those heels off better than I can, so more power to him…

  5. yes. the lack of churros WOULD be disturbing.

  6. actually it’s even funnier – it wasn’t a factory screwup. Some gender rights advocates actually bought both dolls and switched out the same voice chip they used in both dolls then returned them.

  7. Totally in love with Pedro the Elf……Hurray for everyone who adopts a rescue pet!

  8. Pedro es muy squeee-able!

  9. Looks like he’s wearing a teeny pink nose ring–elves are very hip these days!

  10. I’m a Heinz 57 myself, Pedro! I loff you!!! 🙂

  11. Looks a bit like my also Spanish rescue-dog niece Pepa! 🙂 What means he’s gorgeous!