Bear And Scoot

Bear admits surrender as Scoot dives in to snarf up his puppeh chow.

From Cuteporter Emily P.



  1. Scoot is my new official favorite name for a kitten.

  2. Scoot is exercising his constitutional right to Bear noms.

  3. He looks like someone just ran over his dog.

  4. I love your mind and am so appreciative that you share. Thank you!

    Bear’s expression is amazing. I had to partake in close up, enjoying all the nuances!

  5. As I type this I look up to see my cat drinking my hot cocoa. Bear, I feel your pain.

  6. The look on that dog’s face couldn’t be more, “Moooom! Scoot’s stealing my food again! Make him stoooop!” if it were human.

  7. Bear’s expression is priceless but I think he’s happy he now has photographic proof of Scoot’s shenanigans. Justice will be his! 🙂

  8. I just splurted my coffee all over my laptop. That FACE!

  9. anonymous coward says:

    the look on that dog’s face — oh emh gee.

    it’s the look you have when a phb just left your cubicle after making the most unbelievable request. warning, kids, don’t work in it (you know, those computer thingies?) if you value your faith in humanity.

    …and how do you tell scoot to, well, go away? “scoot, scoot!”?

  10. 😆 Scoot the kity rules over Bear the dog 😆

  11. When it’s Scootiepatootie’s noms time, Bear sits and waits politely for her to be finished. Bear doesn’t go near her bowl either. He is a super POH-LITE puppeh, not like the nawty kitteh.