When You’re Waiting For Santa-

Time seems to pass rather s l o w l y, does it not?


“Last summer you had the chance to meet my tortoise Waffles. He has grown some and now has a new sister named Mango. Mango is the light coloured one, Waffles is the brown one.” –Alisha W.



  1. Are they real or fabric?:) Can’t tell.

  2. Mango has a very pretty shell.

  3. Mischief Girl says:

    I’ve never seen a light colored shell. Beautiful!

  4. Waffles, but your sister is gorgeous! Yes, you’re beautiful too, but in a more subtle way. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all the toitles and toiteses!

  5. Wow, Mango’s shell is really beautiful. Both of them are really quite lovely.

  6. lol, looks like everyone has already said it – but yeah, mango’s shell is so beautiful! It looks like there is a little pink in there maybe? And you are pretty too, waffles 🙂

  7. Smartypants says:

    Yes, she looks like a piece of agate! Very pretty.