THIS JUST IN: Lucy The Puppeh Saves Hoomin

A few days prior to Thanksgiving, John Miles was walking his dog Lucy in a Boston suburb, when both were hit by a car! Miles was left unconscious, but Lucy managed to limp off to a nearby dentist’s office and barked until help arrived. She returned to his side and stayed with her hoomin until help arrived.

Quoting MyFox “Lucy has a torn ligament in her knee. The surgery will cost more than $5,000 and is set for tomorrow. Donations to offset Lucy’s care are being accepted. Those interested should visit the MSPCA website.

Great find by Smedley on Yahoo! News.


  1. Yay, they let Lucy visit her person in the hospital! I was afraid they would leave her in suspense after her person got help.

  2. Best. Dog. Ever. What a good girl! And what a good owner, to inspire such devotion.

  3. It is terribly sad that veternarian services are so outrageously priced. My dog was bitten in the eye by another dog and I took her to a vet that was open the day after Thanksgiving. She looked at her eye and said it would be fine. Charged me $400. She ended up losing that eye.

  4. How terrible!! So sorry to hear that.

  5. ;-; Dogs are so perfect.

  6. AWW :( Poor dog and her owner :( I hope they get the person that hit them both!

  7. I’m amazed and yet I’m not. I’ve come to expect miracles from dogs and I’ve never been disappointed in their capacity to love.

  8. Lucy is the best girl. I grew up in New England; ignore her owner’s stoicism. If he doesn’t occasionally cook her up a steak in the future–when no one’s looking–I’ll be surprised.

  9. Oh, Lucy. What a GOOD GIRL. Don’t tell my baby, but I love you and I’m so happy you (and your Dad) are okay. I won’t even tell you what I think of those “people” that drove away. But, I can only hope they are going to a very hot place.

    Your Daddy will be home soon. Please just rest and have your Daddy’s daughter in law give you lot o’ treats, you boooutiful angel puppeh.