Guess Who Has a Crush on Milo! (singsong)

We’re not supposed to tell, but we’ll give you a hint…


Remember not to tell.



Via Milo Meets World and Anita C.



  1. Yes, I admit it. I asked Milo’s Hoomin if she’d ship him to me for Christmas. Don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  2. …now that’s one cute puppeh! *ded*

  3. Tats not puppeh .. It’s a Snow Puppeh (or is that power puff?)
    with built-in beepable nose.

    Either way, he’s a cute little devil.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and such wonderful expressions. Puppy or adult?

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    OMG, I wanna bury my nose in his floof!

  6. I’m confused. Doesn’t EVERYONE have a crush on Milo. I know I do. How could anyone look at that face and not fall in love?

  7. Instead of naming one person who has a crush on Milo, I’d like to see the list of those who don’t. Probably a very, very short list. I mean seriously, people! 🙂

  8. What breed is he? Is he a coton de tulier [Sp}?

  9. Oops, just went to the wewbsite, he’s a maltese.

  10. sabrina rose says:

    Maltese, I think.

  11. Hee, maybe instead of crush, I should have said OBSESSHON!

  12. I might just make room in my catlady-crazy house for him.

  13. Never hurts to try!

  14. Like is a better word .. if I had an obsesshon, my beagle would lock me out of
    the house.. (hehe-Evil Beagle..errr I mean legal)