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Her music touched a generation in a sensitive place — and now for the first time, Q-Tel Records brings you the timeless sounds of Colleen O’Coon, Queen of the Celtic Water Harp. You’ll get all the classic hits: “Mae Bonny Bill” “Divil Ooo Croggy Moontin” and “Mayre Groggit niff Flarble’s Quoob (clean version).” Order today!


  1. And that eternal favorite, “The Water is Weed”. Call right now and get the companion volume, Coleen’s platinum album, “The Thistle’s in Me Shamrock”.

  2. Colleen O’Coon may be Queen of the Water Harp, but NOMTOM will always be King of the Caption.

  3. So late leaves me as Queen! Thanks!

  4. Or in English, So that leaves me as Queen! Tanks!

  5. NTMTOM is definitely the King with a boundless imagination. May he reign long!

  6. The CD would make a great Christmas gift, along with this present:

    A gift wrapped cat

  7. Not only are pups paper trained.

  8. Goodness me, that is The Most Patient Cat Ever! :)

  9. Agreed, but it’s probably quite nice being wrapped up in warm, smooth, paper. If you’re a cat, that is… Not that I’ve ever tried it myself, you understand.

  10. … but WAIT, there’s more ….

  11. Oh my dog, I laughed my patootie off!

    Colleen comes from haunts of coot and hern, and of course, coon.

  12. PS All the Irish jokes I can think of at the moment are NSFW.

  13. We’ll just leave work then!!

  14. I believe this is Queequeg, the famous harpcooner.

  15. *spitting yogurt everywhere*

  16. Jane Jackson says:

    It looks amazing that the beautiful harp music is matched to the delicate raccoon movements

  17. I don’t know what you mean. That’s because the raccoon is actually playing a harp. Right? Right?

  18. *snerk*

  19. Blue Footed Booby says:

    “Show us on the doll where the music touched you.”

  20. humminbirdie says:

    HALP: stifling snorts!!! [i’m proctoring exams here, people!!!]

  21. So, you’re a proctologist?? ;o)
    (sorry, that’s the first thing that pooped, err popped into my mind!)

  22. I remember very very well when this was on America’s Funniest Home Videos. We always watched it every Sunday and were all blown away by this video. It won the $100,000 prize as the best video of the year that year!

  23. NTMTOM is now writing Celtic lyrics? Is there no END to his literary talent?

  24. mauderules says:


  25. AWE. SOME!!!


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