Stunt School for Dogs

Think you’ve got what it takes to succeed in the rough-and-tumble world of movie stunts? Enroll today!

So this is what joy looks like, Wendy M.



  1. Its a dog’s life

  2. Love it!!! Hilarious!

  3. Love that ju-jitzu-ey shoulder-roll action. And the smiling!

  4. A Bulldog doing somersaults? I LOVE IT!

  5. I think they need to introduce doggeh trampolining to the next Olympics.

  6. He almost did a hand or paw-stand in the beginning there! LOL

  7. That is so cute! He’s really having a blast on the trampoline.


  9. The best part is that his hoomins are enjoying watching him so much – looks like a well-loved pup!

  10. sabrina rose says:

    What a great dog! He’s lucky to have that adorable stub of a tail – no risk of bending it during his somersaults!

  11. His name is Mud? Hehe.

  12. I love how he steps on his mark like a good stuntman

  13. The future of the Mission Impossible franchise is safe.

  14. I love how one of the commands is “hoppy hop!”

  15. There´s nothing cuter in this world than a happy doggie! 🙂

  16. Love,love,love it!!!! :))))