Poll: Who Does This Remind U Of?

We got this Tweet forwarded to us from Cuteporter Secondhand Sandy.

Which Intertubes Pet Celeb do you think this apple looks like?




  1. HeyyyBrother says:

    How could you forget WINSTON?!

  2. No.

  3. At least its not Elvis . . . or a religious sighting

  4. I had an apple once. It was awful.

  5. I was an apple once. It was horrible.

  6. No love for Colonel Meow?

  7. Does it start with an apple and ends with an apple?

  8. Obviously it looks like Grumpy Cat, but I always vote for the wombat. Always.

  9. It’s one of those dangerous (Apple) Pit Bulls

  10. Winston, hands down!

  11. I miss Winston…

  12. Me too…and his bananas…..

  13. Hugebody McTinyhead says:

    That was my immediate reaction as well.

  14. jlamusings says:


  15. Grumpy cat!

  16. Yep 😀

  17. kibblenibble says:

    I just clicked on the Winston link last night to revisit him. I miss him.

  18. Prob because Colonel is so hard to spell. But I HEAR AN R!

  19. leaves of cat grass says:

    one more for WInston!

  20. reminds me of that grumpy cat. even steph did an interview with that cat.

  21. I have a piece of toast that looks like the Virgin Mary.