It’s Cute Overload Top Ten Time!

Get ready, People. We’re rolling out the Cute Overload Top Ten lists…starting tomorrow morning! First up, the Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2013! Then Thursday we’ll follow up with Top Ten Cutest Videos..and Friday, a !New! list—Top Comments of the Year. (Well, just since March- that’s when we thought of it. Don’t worry 260Oakley, you made it.) Here’s a preview of what to expect Wednesday AM!




  1. Reblogged this on divorced hearts mending and commented:
    Too cute! How can anything beat this?

  2. Has the pig been watching 80s workout videos again?hahaha

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What a little morsel (and I don’t mean the kind you eat, either!). Little piggy leggings. I don’t know where to go from here.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Brinke. I have been feeling a little list-less lately.

  5. Oh, CO have mercy! If this is the teaser, I cant bear to think what’s to come.

  6. Big.

  7. I need to clear my calendar for the next few days. CO Top Ten Lists…? i’ll never get any work done…. (but thank you for sharing such cute overloads with us!)

  8. I so want a knitted tag.

  9. His knitted sweateau is matchingks with his little snorfer.

  10. Sure you’re not rank-led by not knowing you place in the pack?

  11. It really wasn’t the leggings that caught my eye, but it was that PROFOUND snout. This pic almost makes me want to give up bacon forever . . . almost. . . but definitely on the brink.

  12. There’s no need to tell us 260Oakley made it. The questions is, did anyone else make it or are they all hers?

  13. *drags out the defibramathingy, oxygen masks, paper bags and an assortment of smelling salts*

    Did I get everything? Oh, right.

    *covers the entire floor with soft mattresses for CO peeps to drop ded on*

    Okay, we’re ready for the lists!

  14. I have just fallen in love………