The C.O. Holiday Top Twelve!

8723171013_15c96df658_b We asked you to send us your best holiday-themed photo to win one of these Chronicle Books titles! Maddie On ThingsI Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by CatsI Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by DogsGrumpy Cat: A Grumpy BookHanukcats and Other Traditional Jewish Songs for Cats…or Catmas Carols!

Now, here’s the Top Twelve! (In no special order–names and deets in the hovers.)


photo 2








unnamed (1)


unnamed (1)
Thanks 2 all who sent photos in..and to Adam S. at Chronicle Books!



  1. All adorable, but the turtle really got me!

  2. Oh my goodness, so cute. Love it!

  3. squirrellady says:

    Oh that little hamster face! So many cute pictures!

  4. I like them all, but that one is my favorite, too! Fatty seems to really appreciate his tree.

  5. On the twelve day of Christmas
    Cuteoverload gave to me:
    12 Yorkies Barking
    11 Frogs Leaping
    10 Cats a napping
    9 Kitties Purring
    8 Cows a Milking
    7 Ducks a Quacking
    6 “Naying” Horses
    5 Golden Labs
    4 Little Hammies
    3 Prancing Goats
    2 Turtle Doves
    and a Turtle under a Pear Tree

  6. I’m quite enamoured with Mr Darcy.

  7. AWW 😀 I just LOVE the kitty pictures 😀

  8. Hammie in the Christmas bebbeh shoes did it for me. 🙂

  9. Mr. Darcy looks like a stand-in for Henri, the Existential, ever-suffering cat…. 🙄

  10. magickariel says:

    proshness warms my hyart

  11. Smartypants says:

    Yes! All these pix are full of WIN, but the turtle is my fave too! He does look genuinely happy with his tree.

  12. It sure is a photo I’ve never seen before! A turtle and his xmas tree, whut? Loff eet!

  13. I loff Pebbles the reindeer horse. I wanna kiss her velvety nosie!

  14. Rose Marie says:

    Excellent, Doug!!

  15. Me too! But the rattie in the tree makes a close second! So much to smile about!

  16. You don’t think of turtles as being gleeful but that is a face of real joy.

  17. Quite. And true to his namesake, he is a lady killer.

  18. I’d want a second one for the other shoe!

  19. Houdini is stunning.

  20. Brian Fowler says:

    Where’s the love for Monty? Look at hims; he’s sooooo happy to see you all.

  21. All of these anipals are so awesome. ❤

  22. The turtle truly shows the wonder of Christmas…