Quaker Instant Corgi!

Start your morning with a pick-me-up — a piping hot cup of corgi pup! Also available in lemon beagle and chipotle chihuahua.

Via Reddit.


  1. You can never have to cute of a corgie! That’s why we use them to keep people stress free during the week!

  2. Chipotle chihuahua.

    So Mike, oh so Mike.

  3. So– Miguel. ¡Olé!

  4. and YAY!!!

  5. It’s almost like the fake snakes in the jar of peanut brittle – only so much more adorable! Where can I get my Corgi breakfast?

  6. I simply must have one of those. Better yet, I’ll have a TRAY of them corgi pup cups (try saying that fast 10 times). Plz.

  7. Ahem…

    I’m back. Howya doin’?

  8. Heyyyyy you toooooo!!! Welcome back (from wherever you’ve been, not that I’m the least bit nosy or anything). *hugs*

  9. hola senorita!! Come esta tu???

  10. Bien, gracias, pero una poca cansada. ¿Y tú?

  11. things be groovin baybee. Mon frere qui habite a New Mexico flew into town (and yes his arms are tired) last week so it will be good to spend time avec lui over the next coupla weeks.

    Hasta luega + Happy holidayze baybeee <3

  12. PS: BEEP!

  13. Janine Melnitz says:

    Oh, it would have been the work of a moment to crop out that skanky foot…

  14. To me the foot is funny and shows that the loving hoomin is right there for catching purposes in case, heaven forbid, corgi starts to tip. :-) You know spilled porridge is not fun to clean up!

  15. Stressfactor says:

    Ah, but this would be spilled pupidge. And spilled pupidge I think might be fun to clean up….

  16. an ah moment – called Honey I assume as perfect on porridge.

  17. humm .. I think the oats are a bit old if they are spouting ‘pups’

  18. Rose Marie says:

    Corgis – the best way to start any day!!!

  19. I just checked my oatmeal container and there was no pup inside.

    I think I wuz robbed. :(

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    You and me both! :(

  21. Smartypants says:

    “The best part of wakin’ up
    Is Corgis in your cup!”

    (tipping hat to Rose Marie above)

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    There’s no way those ears fit in that can!!!


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