Is Eight Enough?

Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary sent these our way. It seems they rescued three runaway pigs.

Or…so they thought.

They brought in Wonder Woman and her two off-spring, Captain Courageous and Super Girl.

Surprise- Wonder Woman AKA Mumma Pig..was pregnant.

She gave birth to eight happy and healthy Bebeh Hoofsters!

I guess Bebeh McSnortersons would also work.

Is there anything Cuter than a batch o’ snoozin’ Snorters? Nah.












  1. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG all those polkey-dots!! My eyes are whirling at the cute!!

  2. Dog Lover says:

    I love all the curled up earses on the bebbehs!!! 🙂

  3. Yay!! LOVE Edgar’s Mission!!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    I also love the porka dots!

  5. Those are some prosh piggies! All the bonus photos just keeled me ded!

  6. what on earth in that thing coming out of that darling’s johnson? good lord the poor thing.

  7. item # 23 added to my bucket list: Leaning over and having a bebeh mcgoatersons hop on my back.

  8. I believe that is his umbilical cord, but having said that, pigs have a corkscrew shaped Johnson. *shudder*. lol

  9. Eeee, look at all the spotty spots! How people can eat these darling, clever animals is something I cannot understand.

  10. “So new they still have the price tag! (umbilical stump)”, I squealed with delight.

  11. My thoughts precisely. Or, actually, my thoughts after the involuntary “Squeeee omg bebeh McPorkersons!111!” -thing, you know, but it’s a reflex so it doesn’t count.

  12. Umbilical cord. They’re not cut or touced after birth to avoid infections, but may be sprayed with antibiotics or a mild disinfectant. The navel at that stage is an open wound, basically, and infections through it can quite easily kill or cripple an animal, so it’s better to let it dry and heal on its own than go fumbling with it. The umbilical cord dries up and falls away within a week or so, and doesn’t bother the animal at all 🙂

  13. The spots, people. The SPOTS. OMG, so prosh.

    Although title of post has cause this song to be stuck in my brain cells. So thanks, CO. 😀

  14. Thanks y’all. Umbilical cord was my first instinct but I didn’t see it on any of the other babies so it freaked me out…CO commenters to the rescue!

  15. dyingearth says:

    As cute as these baby porkers are, it should be noted that feral hogs are a significant pest problem for many part of the country. Just look up Fort Benning and Hog to see just how severe the issue is. Feral hogs are significantly more intelligent than most natural predators (and I doubt there are significantly wolves around to keep them down). They’re certainly smarter than many bureaucrats out to cull them.

  16. perty sure that pic labeled with the Zzzz’s was actually lunchtime. just with a blissed-out peeglet.

  17. I think John Mayer (or whoever that song is from) should be HONORED that his tune was used for this video.