U Spin Me Right Round Like A Corgi

Totally REDONK stuff here, folks. Watch this Pembroke Welsh Corgi go for a spin on this carousel.

And. His. Name. Is. Meatball.

“CO, I love you so much. You’ve been a significant part of my life for years, so when I saw this video I knew I must submit. Thank you for all the great, fun, charming work you do.” -Andrea T.



  1. So much energy! What a happy Meatball, and what great doggeh parents, giving him that enrichment exercise.

  2. Every Corgi has a wee bit o’ the hamster in ’em.

    I love how, when the guy jumps off, the Corgi slows for a second, deciding whether to follow him but then thinks, no, this is more fun and speeds up again.

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Little Red Corgette, firing on all four cylinders.

  4. Centrifcorgal force in action!

  5. So corgis are really into going on rides and slides then? 😀 Supposedly they loff agility too. Athletic, fun-loving little monkeys they are!

  6. I’m sure it is the corgi’s running and not momentum that keeps the carousel spinning!

  7. Love this happy energetic fun-loving Corgi and the wonderful owner!

  8. The name Meatball? Thud.

  9. Do they make Corgi-sized hamster balls? Because Meatball needs to have one.

  10. had sly and the family stone (take you higher ) playing here watching this. which made it totally rad 😀

  11. Absolutement!!

  12. That was my favorite part too! “Why are you getting off? OH WELL!”

  13. It should be illegal to have that much fun on a merry-go-around with out a license (dog license that is)

  14. I think the owners of this corgi need to watch out for his welfare. He is obsessed with that merry-go-round and won’t stop even though he gets very tired. What at first was delightful to watch later became painful as the people kept the ride going and the corgi ran despite being clearly too tired.

  15. Watching this made me want to be a corgi…and a little dizzy.

  16. Catwhisperer says:

    Which is why, after jumping off, he got back on of his own volition, right?

  17. tommygirl says:

    I never liked those things, they always made me feel sick after! I’m dizzy just watching this video, lol. The Corgi seems to be having a ball though!

  18. Meatball looks like a twin of my little girl, Rosie. Amazing similarity of markings. Thanks for the post, I laughed through the whole thing. I will definitely take Rosie to the park and see if she would enjoy this. Well, maybe after our snow melts. :}

  19. I quite literally laughed out loud through this whole video! Meatball is obviously doing his Favorite Thing in the Whole World! I especially like the ‘jump over legs’ variant. Looks like he needs a drink after all that hard exercise though. Thank you to CO for posting this, and to Meatball’s family for sharing.

  20. Now THAT is a spin class!

  21. Pun avec Prince shoutout! Well played, Oakster, well played. 😀

  22. whiskeyfoxtrot says:

    I liked the barking as he passed his human…so cute!