The Holiday Furrtographer Files

The always prolific Furrtographer (finally decided he needs his own tag) checks in with some Holiday-Themed QTE. Take it away, Mr. Norem:

“This is Checkers (the black & white) and Star (the tabby) from Saving Grace Rescue.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (33)-X2

SGR_12_1_2013 (31)-X3
“And this is Stockton from Saving Grace Rescue, and an adorable dog named Higgins who lives in San Francisco.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (32)-X3

“And here we have a couple of guys from Animal Care And Control, San Francisco. The black cat is Samantha and the puppy has a name but I forgot it.”

FUR_7930 (Medium)

FUR_8458 (Medium)



  1. Those kittens are gorgeous. Thanks sir!!

  2. susan maroni says:

    I’m at heart a cat person, but that puppy is pulling my strings.

  3. susan maroni says:

    Meaning, especially, the final photo.

  4. Last puppers name:”I’m Stealing Your Heart and Never Giving It Back” or Stealer for short.

  5. I so want these kitties especially the little one in the Christmas stocking 😀

  6. What, Josh? We have a puppy in need of a name? Oh em gee… Looks like a …a … look at that paw, the floppeh ears, that schnoot, those puppeh eyes, the white star!…. plop!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    His name shall be Tiny Tim because he is as cute as the Dickens.

  8. I have actually named him Sir Redonkulous. His cuteness is too much to handle.

  9. It’s Star who caught my attention. That beautiful fur! She’s so lovely. Though, she looks closer to a calico to me than a tabby. But, I can’t say that I am overly knowledgeable about calicos.

  10. She doesn’t have the calico’s orange patches. Lovely stripeys, but no orange.

    Josh, you may have outdone yourself. If you had to dress the cats, do you still have all your fingers?

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    He’s adorable. I have no idea what breed he is, though. Canadian Tanhound? Uzbek beigedog?

  12. Laura DragonWench says:

    Man, I wish I lived in San Francisco! I would take Checkers and Samantha in a heartbeat, and if I had room in the car, Star as well. Such pretty kitties!

  13. Redonk-a-donk.