Who Wears The Pet Pants In Your Family?

Judging from this video, it’s probably not your puppeh.



  1. Someone must be selling doormats printed with “Beware of cat.”

  2. Kari Callin says:

    I love the segment where the corgi is walking back and forth grumbling/ bitching at the cat as he walks back and forth by him! LOL

  3. LOL More proof that cats rule and dogs…. well, you know.

    When my neighbor’s dog comes to visit, she’s all tail wags until my cat comes into the room and whoosh, the dog is out of here.

  4. naicefrenchgurl says:

    this is exactly what happens with my pekinese pup, at 17 months old she is barely bigger than the cats, and she won’t walk past them in the staircase, and will end up whining. I thought she was the only one …

  5. beat me to it: cats RULE! dogs whimper, cower, shake, give up, have to be rescued and then they drool. so pathetic. love em!

  6. I agree! So preshus.

  7. I can kinda understand where some of those smaller dogs are comin’ from, but those big dudes! For heavens sake it’s a kitteh.

    Recently I watched Cesar Milan saying the reason why cats are often in control of the family dog when the family hoomins aren’t, is because kittehs don’t carry around the emotional baggage a hoomin would towards a dog. They just accept the doggeh on kitteh terms and that’s that, no ifs, butts, or maybes. And to doggehs that makes the kitteh appear the most uber-controlled (ie. calm and assertive) being in the household.
    True that!

  8. ‘She’s not gonna hurt you’ … The dogs know better.

  9. “I’m not going to come up there and get you. You’ve gotta learn to walk past the cat!”


  10. These poor puppehs have obviously learned their lesson the hard (sharp) way!

  11. “I can’t….there’s a cat there! Can’t you see it?”

  12. Dog Lover says:

    That was the line that did it for me too. 🙂

  13. This reminds me of when my newly rescued dog entered the house for the first time and saw my two cats. He started to chase them across the kitchen floor, when my calico turned and gave him 4 across the nose. He never did that again, but they did co-exist fairly peacefully. He wasn’t afraid of them, but he respected them.

  14. My thoughts exactly! It’s obvious to me that the doggehs are very smart in avoiding what they _know_ will happen! (Think of this in human terms–“come on, Freddy Kruger isn’t going to hurt you…”). Dogs are smarter than cats, but I agree that the cats look and act smarter– and I love both kinds of anipals!

  15. jlamusings says:

    Interesting! I was actually gonna say that in my experience, many large doggies are bigger pushovers than the smaller ones! Gentle giants 🙂 I’m actually most shocked that a herding dog (was it a border collie?) was afraid of the cat… And I love how most of the dogs are searching for their hoomins and/or talking to them like “Moooom! The cat won’t let me through!”

  16. The beefy rotweiler at 0:51! 😀

  17. That was my second laugh out loud moment. The first was the huge black dog heading up the stairs and doing an immediate about-face upon realizing the cat was up there.

  18. My brother-in-law adopted a Rottweiler – GREAT doggie! – and introduced her to my sister’s Siamese cat. He sniffed in her direction, she stuck her face in his, and he stood on his hind legs. POW POW POW! Three swats on her nose was all it took. From that day on, all 100+ pounds of Rottie muscle and attitude skulked away when the Mighty Meezer was in the room. I’m not sure the cat ever noticed her after that first day.

  19. I wonder how many of those dogs are not only afraid of a swipe across the nose with cat claws, but are also afraid of the displeasure of their owners were they to fight back? In my experience, an angry dog can rip a cat to shreds all things being equal and most owners tend to discipline dogs more severely for fights. And dogs are much more sensitive, as a rule, to owner displeasure and punishment.

  20. I like those how those few cats, who see the dogs finally have the gumption to walk by, just stare with a look like “dude, don’t blame me…i’m just lounging here..”

  21. Austin Starr says:

    it’s the same in my house. my cat is ancient! but that doesn’t stop her from being mean to my dog — not for a minute.

  22. “Are you kidding? She’s mean! And she has pointy bits!”

  23. 😆 Oh yeah 😆 CATS RULE! Dogs drool (whine, cower, etc.) 😆

  24. lol at Freddy Kruger! Yep, I’m thinking all of those doggehs have experienced pointy bits at some point in the past…

  25. Certified dog trainer here….whats happening is the cat looks like, in dog speak, as if they are claiming the path they’re laying in, laying out wide or at an angle or in a tight spot. Th dogs, sensitive to body language, are looking at the situation and seeing that the cat owns that space and that they are not being given permission to pass. Think of it as if someone had crossed arms and was leaning in your doorway. They dogs start doing “pleasing/non-aggressive behaviors” (tail wagging, ears back, licking) to try and show the cats, who don’t speak dog, that they don’t mean anything and just want to move past, hence all the frustration whines later in the videos. Poor doggehs, so hard to live in a dominant feline house 😛

  26. If dogs are so smart, they why are they afraid of one swipe on their fur?

  27. It’s the swipe on the nose they’re afraid of! Lol at Freddy Kruger line.

  28. No kidding! Most of the dogs were trying to please and get to their owners, while the cats lying in the way couldn’t care less! That last line gave me giggles!

  29. that’s the funniest montage I’ve seen! Those poor dogs, living in fear of cats.

  30. Are you sure the cats don’t speak “dog”? My guess is they do, they just don’t care… or derive some perverse pleasure from the poor doggehs’ discomfort…

  31. Sasha's Mum says:

    The *only* instance where I’ll use the term “pussy-whipped.” 😀

  32. Two things about the segment at the 2:42 mark. First, matchingks! Second…look at the name of the YouTube channel where that one came from. That made me snort from laughter.

  33. Poor pups probably got slapped with a claw at some point in the past. I don’t know if you have ever been attacked by a cat, but some of them will tear up your feet during a blitz attack!

  34. I loved that, too. I kept looking for that one when they started showing dogs finally getting by . . . but he didn’t show up, did he? Poor thing. Probably still stuck.

  35. I actually found the original video of that dog, and his mom admits in the comments that she finally did have to go up and get him. LOL!

  36. tiamatsdg says:

    ’cause those claws are sharp!

  37. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I think there’s also an element of the bigger dogs knowing they COULD kick the cats’ butts, but that they shouldn’t.

  38. I have a cat who used to be such a menace to dogs that he had to go to a cats-only vet to avoid lawsuits. It wasn’t just a swipe, it was a 17-lb cat riding a dog like a lion on a wildebeast and trying to get to its throat. Thankfully, age has mellowed him somewhat.

  39. dolphin815 says:

    You’d be afraid too if you had an angry ball of fur swiping you with sharp objects every time you tried to walk past it.

  40. oh my God hilarious! 😀 xD
    also I saw the cat vine contest! tooo funny! CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!! XD 😀 ;P