We Missed This Girl In Nosevember!

Possessing without a doubt one of THE proshest snouts ever, we present Ember The Platypus, and thank Teresa C. for the tip!

[Note: Sqweak @ :37…Nomming Of Hoomin @ :46…Great Aussie Accent @ 1:11. -Ed]


Take a listen! [156KB]



  1. So affectionate! ^_^

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Some people have the bestest jobs.

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Oh my!! Is this the first platypus on CO? Hopefully not the last. Mega cute!!! 🙂

  4. Such an improbable animal! And improbably cute

  5. They always look like otters with a beak mask stuck on their faces.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Can you just imagine how great it would be to have a business card that read: Senior Platypus Keeper?

  7. Hey, Where’s Perry?

  8. phred's mom says:

    The Men of CO Calendar has still
    another page. I will need a forklift
    to deal with it. OK by me.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Check out Ember’s wiggly walk as she exits the water! Sooo Qte! 🙂

  10. I always wondered: Does a playtypus quack like a duck, or squeal like an otter?

  11. She is adorable! And from the sound of the cameras she must be a star too.

  12. Tony James says:

    “Oh, you’re a Senior Platypus Keeper? How fascinating!”
    “Yes, I only keep senior platypodes – the junior ones I throw back.”

  13. Tony James says:

    Q. What do you call a scruffy tomcat that’s just eaten a water-bird?
    A. A duck-filled tatty puss!

  14. Here and above Tony James has today done his part through CO to bring joy to my life and a smile to my face.
    Thank you, kind and humorous gent.

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    Senior Platypus Keeper. Best. Job. Title. EVER.

  16. From the embedded sound bite, they sound like a cross between a cooing pigeon and a flatulent bulldog…

  17. Killer Klown says:

    So I majored in genetics in college, with a focus on evolutionary sciences. I liked it because you could see the patterns, you could actually watch how natural selection decided – hey, this is a good idea; you could see how modern aspects developed along the lines or, conversely, how vestigial aspects slowly got phased out.

    And then there’s the Platypus.
    It has a bill.
    It lays eggs.
    It sweats milk.
    Males are venomous. Females are not.
    It’s a venomous, egg laying, milk sweating, cthulhu-skulled (Seriously, look it up), duck billed _mammal_.

    And somehow, in spite of all of this, it’s absofreakinglutely adorable.

    So you just gotta go… what the _heck_?

  18. whatthelump says:

    Totally, so sweet and full of beans! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a platypus interact with a person before, and definitely never seen one’s teeth.

  19. whatthelump says:

    Reminds me of my kitties trying to burrow under the blankets, and now I’ve got the urge to strap a shoehorn to a feline face!

  20. I love that description.

  21. humminbirdie says:

    how sweet is it that he gets to kiss and cuddle his charge??! how many zookeepers get to do that?

  22. Platypus are proof positive that God has a wicked sense of humor. Just like George Clooney is proof positive She loves us.

  23. I think I need more details on this “sweating milk” phenomenon.

  24. Killer Klown says:

    Platypuses (Platypi?) don’t have nipples. They lactate through specialized sweat glands located in their abdomen. Baby platypuses just sort of slurp it up.

  25. Not an Aussie accent, he’s a Pom!


  26. Aussie is definitely right – that’s a Pom. There’s an unemployed Australian senior platypus keeper somewhere

  27. A Pomeranian? Dunno about that – he’s a bit too tall and his hair is too short for a specimen of the smallest Spitz-type dog breed…

  28. *ded from the cute*

  29. lisaLASSIE says:

    I can barely survive just watching the video and he survives the actual experience? Whatta man. And why don’t I have that job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1????????????????????