THIS JUST IN: Maru And Hana 2

And we’ve got Breaking Video News from the land of Maru and Hana. Or as Mugumogu puts it, ” いろいろなまるとはな。Various Maru and Hana’s short videos.”

Works for us.



  1. Aww, Hana is getting bag training under Maru’s watchful eye!

  2. I’m glad they’re having so much fun together 😀

  3. Love the over and under the cow action!

  4. I’ll take Maru, in the center square, to block

  5. Ha!

  6. Looks like it, Tagatha 😆

  7. I’ve seen plenty of cats dive into bags, but this is the first time I recall seeing one dive through the carrying strap. And find it (like most things) easier to get into than out of.

  8. mollykubik says:

    Hana is sure giving His Thickness a run for his money! And, oh my gosh, how does Mugumogu keep her floors looking so shiny and beautiful!

  9. My Maggie used to very deliberately stick her head through the strap Every. Single. Time. I think she happened to do it that way the first time, and just figured, well, that’s the way it’s done. (That seemed to be her reasoning in other situations, too. I think all cats have that tendency and she was just a bit extreme.) She never freaked out about it, either. I tried to keep bags out of her reach, but occasionally I’d slip up, and I’d come home to find her calmly dragging a bag around with her.

    Both of my current cats (in separate incidents) have gotten their heads through the straps of plastic bags, and both came COMPLETELY FULL TILT BOOGIE UNGLUED, and they remain afraid of plastic bags to this day. I try to change the garbage bag when they’re not around so as not to traumatize them.

  10. Sarareina84 says:

    Aha! In the first clip, there was a SPECK on Mugomogu’s floor! It *can* happen!

  11. Oh, for pete’s sake, why am I being moderated NOW?

    I sure hope they’re serving pecan pie and eggnog in the Lounge. I’ve been craving pecan pie and eggnog.

  12. I would love to see video of how they interact with Mugumogu. I know my two girls fight for time in my lap. It’s kind of like King of the Hill sometimes.

  13. The same thing happened with one of my cats. She managed to get the handle of a plastic bag stuck around her neck. She ran around, going nuts, with a little bag cape until we could catch her to get it off. She now flees from the crinkling of a plastic bag, almost as quickly as from the dreaded vacuum!

  14. lisaLASSIE says:

    Not only that. In the first clip: I believe I saw a little room with NOTHING IN IT, NO NOTHING AT ALL. How is it possible to have space and not fill it up? Likewise, in the last clip…the cats are playing in little cubby hole type areas with NOTHING IN THEM. I don’t understand it.

  15. 4leafclover says:


  16. Wasn’t that a hoot? that was my favorite part.

  17. i sometimes think there’s just an empty apartment, with the cow and shelves, and rug, and nothing else, where they keep maru and hana. i have no other way of understanding the incredible tidiness.