Geno Cheats The Snow Maze

Nothing like an entire backyard of fresh snow for a romp with the hoomins, eh Geno? Go on, get’em!! (Watch for his shortcut at :32.)

Via ViralViral Videos.



  1. Best snow maze ever! Love how Geno stands up and looks over the top to find his hoomin! So much fun-puppers could probably do that all day!

  2. This was so full of WIN for me. And I really needed the laugh.

  3. I love it!

  4. Silly hoomins! Every pup knows the shortest route between two points is a straight line!

    I love that the puppeh is obviously enjoying the game so much… and that his hoomins love him enough to shovel all that snow just to create it for him!

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Hey, I’m a doggeh, not a ratteh!

  6. Really! That took some work and planning on their part. But they are having as much fun with it as the puppeh and it makes my heart smile!! Go Geno!

  7. now, that’s a real labor of love! Great hoomins to go to so much effort, a team effort, to amuse/exercise/entertain doggeh.

  8. LOVE this!!!!

  9. well loved dog, very caring, giving people with very big hearts.

  10. As my dear old Pop likes to say – if you can’t spoil ’em, why have ’em?

  11. Digging that took some skill too! So awesome.

  12. The video spells his name “Ginzey,” so I guess “Gino” is more appropriate. But in Super Mario RPG, a Geno features prominently in a maze….

  13. canadianmary says:

    That was CHARMING. LOVED the shortcut….too cute when the pupster stood on his little back legs to see. LOTS of hard work, but SO worth it!.

  14. 1, These people have way too much time on their hands on snow days.

    2. That pup needs a barrel of brandy under his chin.

    3. They need to make this int a warm and fuzzy version of The Shining

  15. Watching this pup and his humans having so much fun almost make me forget how much I hate winter.

  16. Geno is part meerkat?

  17. This reminds me of when Simpsons Treehouse of Horror did a spoof of The Shining. “I found a shortcut in the hedge maze.”

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    Any bets on if the Frat boys shoveled out the walkway, their cars, and the sidewalk in front of the house???

  19. This made my day! Fabulous!

  20. Hahah! That was cheating!

    P.S.: And really, somebody has too much time on their hands LOL.

  21. That’s sweet.

  22. Loved it. What a nice thing to do for the dog. Member of the family.

  23. It’s the ShiNNing!!!