Do U Mind If I Peck On Your Ear?

Or…jump on your head? Or…generally ANNOY U ’til you try to swat me away?


  1. Those boyds are playing with fire…

  2. Those kitties are too good :P
    My cat would have had those poor birds for lunch.

  3. Now I understand why cats hate birds, they’re annoying!

  4. Clairdelune says:

    Mine too!!

  5. Clairdelune says:

    Those are VERY gutsy boids…

  6. Clairdelune says:

    I wonder if ALL those boids are still alive today… a couple of the kitties were clearly running out of patience.

  7. canadianmary says:

    hmmm didn’t find this cute. The birds in all cases were being allowed to be dominant and that could spell trouble later on(they have very sharp beaks ,etc)

  8. Ditto. Almost fell over, not from “cuteness,” but from holding my breath.Title this: “Deadly Interspecies Snorgleling”

  9. Cute, but it worried me because cat saliva is toxic to boids…..even if it is on the kitties’ fur and the bird preens them it can be fatal.

  10. I know our cat Dooley (my brother, his male friend and me) would of pounced on any one of those birds and used them as a cat toy.

  11. Are you sure about that? Because I’ve heard the same thing about cat saliva and mice and I had a mouse live for quite a while after being caught by a cat. (had it in her mouth and everything.)

  12. What sort of bird was that at the 2 minute mark? The one with the beautiful teal body?

  13. The orange Poishan (2nd clip) and the budgie are my favourite. Such a cute loving bird. Such an annoyed kitteh. :D

  14. Being allowed? Those cats could have taken out the boids in a New York minute. They just chose not to do so. For the moment. If you must worry (and why should you?), I’d worry more for the boids. Remember, cats rule, dogs drool, and birds fool around, but only as long as the cats allow it.

  15. urban legend

  16. Oh my, birds are evil little critters. Not to mention that some of them have nasty big beaks. Those cats are either drugged or have nerves of steel.

  17. Sharon Wilson says:

    A bell’s not a bell ’till you ring it…

  18. Oh? Thanks. I will check it out on Snopes. Your comment makes me feel much better about the cute in the video. :) Thanks.

  19. Laura DragonWench says:

    I love the parakeet (I think) in the second clip, after the Persian swatted him away. The way he came back at the cat, head down and feet almost stomping along the top of the sofa, you could almost hear the bird thinking, “My ancestors were dinosaurs, ya know. I’m a big, strong, dino-bird, so watch out, cat!”

  20. This one should be especially cautious, he is lunchsized…