THIS JUST IN: Santa Paws

If this puppeh gets any cuter, he may break my computer. Milo gets all dressed up for a one on one with The Man.


*Special thanks 2 Commenter Doug for the headline I stole borrowed.*


  1. SANTA PAWS !!! He does exist !!

  2. Daggone it, Doug. U know what? I am stealing your headline. Right now.

  3. Stressfactor says:

    I didn’t know Milo had a fluffy sibling! They’re both adorbs!

  4. That’s his pal, Boss. He’s Milo’s BFF and bodyguard at the dog parks.

  5. Only Santa looks like he’s 20 yrs. old, but Milo is so prosh!

  6. True. But did you get a look at Santa’s gorgeous brown eyes? Cute man of CO alert.

  7. Mall Santa for puppehs? I want that job! I have the figure for it! :D


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