These Seals Boop Back

Every time their tracking tags check in.

Vancouver Aquarium. One of those places where it’s wonderful to work, and your bosses are all short and blubbery, in a good way! On Nov. 22, the Marine Mammal Rescue program released 5 rehabbed sealios named Oberon, Lagoon, Polaris, Pan and Puck. Each seal was fitted with a tracking device on its head. What’s a special occasion without cool party hats? The awesomest thing is we don’t have to say goodbye, because we can follow them too! Get on over to the site and take a look at how two of them are just all over the place! Sooo cute!

When life gets you down,

You know what you gotta do?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Swimming, swimming, …

Find out more at Zooborns.



  1. Stressfactor says:

    At first I was worried about the trackers — they looked uncomfortable — but then I read the full article and saw that they are non-invasive and will eventually fall off on their own. Okay, swim on my blorpy friends — swim on!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Thank you, I was worried too but afraid to go look.. you have relieved my mind! Swim on, blorpy friends, swim on!! 😀

  3. toborzgrrl says:

    Is it just me, or do the trackers look like tiny crowns from some angles?

  4. Not just you, especially thought the same in photo #2!

  5. Lolrus’s best friend!

  6. Smartypants says:

    Oh, thank you – I too was afraid to find out! Must be one of those “Command Adhesive” wildlife trackers, LOL.

  7. Stressfactor says:

    Probably more like ‘super glue’ heeheehee. But according to the article the trackers will come off when the sealios molt… if not sooner.

  8. Stressfactor says:

    P.S., which was also informative to me because I didn’t know sealios molted. You learn something new every day thanks to C.O.

  9. CO quotes “An American Tail”? My life is complete.

  10. Cute To Toot! says:

    Omg. Me too!! It was too Scrooged (mice with antlers) for my confort. Thank you for clarifying.

  11. Whew… thank you! I was freaked out for a few minutes! 🙂

  12. They did not show the seal that would NOT leave his/her carrier 😀

  13. Those whiskers! I want eat them all!!

  14. Dixie's Mom says:

    Yup, they molt! That’s where the legend of the Selkie came from!

  15. Katherine says:

    Add me to the “seals molt?!” camp. Who knew?

    Also, everyone should wear a festive party hat once in their lives!

  16. Katherine says:

    LOL! I saw that the other day. 🙂

  17. Hovertext wins again! These guys are so cute.