Hold The Phone!

Oh, it’s just Japan, going the extra cute mile again! Check out these little kitteh cell phone stands; functional felines in six assorted colors! Suuure, these cats are cute, but will they answer when you call them?


Via our favorite partner in redonk, Rocket News!



  1. AWW 😀 I would be tempted to buy them all and put each one into a little bed with a pillow and blanket 😀

  2. That’s, kind of creepy.

  3. this is what you get when you cross kitties with Flash Dance and make them into cell phone stands.

  4. Wait, what? Not sure what this does. Or why. (But where, I got: Japan, natch.)

  5. dolphin815 says:

    My reaction exactly. They look…taxidermied or something. *shiver*

  6. Of course they won’t come when you call them. That would make them completely unrealistic. 😉

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    The kitties look a little…ecstatic…to me. 😳

  8. Crucified?