Car-L’s Close Encounter Of The Lion Kind

Remember a couple days ago we told you about how an Aussie Sea Eagle swiped a camera meant for monitoring crocs? Well, here’s sort of a sequel. Photographer Chris McLennan stuck a fancy (and we hope a sturdy) Nikon onto “Car-L,” a hopped-up little buggy like the one in Toy Story, and then drove him straight over to meet some lions in Botswana.

Car-L got their attention. Car-L will need some body work.


As spotted on the mighty Digital Trends.



  1. I want to repeat this experiment with my cat-herd while I’m away from home. What a gorgeous set of shots!

  2. Kitty “Is it time for my close-up ??”

  3. Curious cats are curious. Amazing shots!

  4. These shots should be named “The Last Thing You Will Ever See.”

  5. Kari Callin says:

    Great idea! But in that video, I noticed a few of those lioness’ were injured. Wondering what they went up against!

  6. Love the reactions of the guys too! They’re almost excited as I am when looking at CO!

  7. Mauled. By grammar. Poor, poor lionesses.

  8. Yes,I noticed a damaged eye and what seemed to be an infected ear… Quick,you grab the really big towel and I’ll go find the ointment!

  9. Spelling

  10. I know if I did that where I live that Dooley would probably give me pictures of him beating the life out of that camera robot 😆

  11. SixFootJen says:

    Minute 3:50 brings us the theme of “Teethcember.”

  12. Kari Callin says:

    I obviously hadn’t had my coffee at that point! Oops! Lionesses. Good lord, where was my head at?! :/

  13. OMG. As a cat photographer, my jaw just *dropped* with awe. And jealousy, haha! Those are the most amazing pics I have ever seen. Wow. Oh wow. *jaw drops some more* 😀

  14. I do hope the injured one on the left with the wound on his face and dodgy eye will be okay though….

  15. LOL! Hey go easy on poor Kari! 😉

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Oh man, I’m imagining rolling up a lion burrito. You can’t pay me enough to do it, but I’d sure watch a video.

  17. Her face. That is a lioness. She probably got the injury defending the pride’s territory. Lions are lazy and don’t do much of the hard work around the place.

  18. AND! at 2.53 the old guy grabs at his bits – bless!

  19. The post title should be “Lion Queens.” Unless I’m mistaken, the big group is all females.

    I wish we could see more of the pictures 😦

  20. The males defend their territory from other males and are sometimes killed. The females drive off other females and may try to stop new males (who drove out the former ones) from killing their cubs. They could also be injured by prey animals or during an argument over a kill.

  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    Now there’s an idea–RC vehicles in big cat enclosures!

  22. good call! updated!!