WAG BRIGADE: On Duty At SFO! (Updated!)

Airports are giant stress-centers this month. He’s traveling here, she’s traveling there, and they gottabethererightnow. Cue the Wag Brigade, please.

As part of the San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program (AAT), Wag Brigade volunteers will be regularly visiting SFO terminals with their certified therapy dogs.

The dogs will wear personalized vests that read “Pet Me!” and ID them as Wag Brigade volunteers. The goal is to provide stress relief and make travel more enjoyable for SFO passengers.


SFO Press3

SFO Press4

SFO Press5

SFO Press6



  1. /me books a ticket to SFO.

  2. They need puppehs that fly on the planes, too!

  3. I can’t imagine a better stress reliever than a doggeh! I think I could get through anything with a furry little snugglebutt at my side. 🙂

  4. And just think, the TSA people get to frisk them!

  5. Can he swing by GRR .. I need him right now .. bad like .. hehe

  6. what a great idea!

  7. Oh lol GRR is an airport (had to google that). Wonder if WOOF, BARK and BAROO are as well?

  8. The dog in the picture is Toby. He is a volunteer with the San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy program. He also is in the SPCA’s Puppy Dog Tales Program. Curious? Read about it here: http://wp.me/p2PoLd-4X

  9. I sure could’ve used Toby’s stress-relieving super powers this weekend!!!

    Whatta cutie.

  10. Excuse the ignorance, I’m from Australia so don’t know the abbreviations over there, what is SFO? I am guessing San Fransisco ……. something to do with airports but “o”?
    Love the wag brigade idea. They should be at supermarkets as well…..and in banks….and hospitals…..and well just everywhere. Too sweet.

  11. you are precisely correct, mate!

  12. Thanks Brinke, but I still don’t understand the “O” bit. Is it because it is the last letter in Frisco? I’ve even tried google…doesn’t help.

  13. I think it’s cause all airports have to have three letters.

  14. Just hearing the term wag brigade is enough to lift my spirits

  15. YES!!!

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    YES!!!, seconded!

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Ozbird, some make no sense whatsoever. Spokane, Washington’s, code is GEG. If there’s a reason, I don’t know what it is! 😀

  18. Every marriage needs one!!

  19. Ha ha, perfect!!!

  20. IATA Codes (International Air Transport Association ) are the weirdest things out there.
    Sometimes I think they just pull letters out of a hat.

  21. Since IATA’s are only 3 letter .. there are .. LOL !!

    WOO Woodchopper United States
    BAR Baker AAF Baker Island/United States Minor Outlying Islands

  22. Ahem, Spokane is GEG because the official name is Geiger Field. From their web page: Following the acquisition, they renamed the facility Geiger (GEG) Field in honor of Major Harold C. Geiger, a pioneer in Army aviation and ballooning.

  23. Oh…they do? Wow….I wonder what Adelaide Airport is known as in the three letter world….. *trails off in thought over such puzzles*

  24. Thanks Jazzgiver. 🙂

  25. Thanks everyone. Seems I opened a can of Airport naming worms heheheh. Sort of makes sense….but not really if you know what I mean. SFA would make sense to me (San Fransisco Airport) but maybe it was already taken? Maybe the “O” is for “O goodness, look at the cute doggums!”