Now Serving Toesday Sunny Side Up!

Today we are offering the quadruple coronary special. Your clawlesterol levels just went through the roof.

“Adoribus. Dreaming of lasagna.” Via Madelinethemadlion


  1. Adoribus Maximus. It’s a good thing I had my cholesterol checked this morning, before I saw this morsel of kitteh–s/he would have sent my numbers sky-high.

  2. .. must .. resist .. urge .. to .. rub .. arrrghh .. I CAN’T DO IT !!

  3. I really wish I was a kitten. Built in fluffy comforter everywhere you go!

  4. that is a happy trusting kitty.

  5. nom nom nom on the leetle toe beans!

  6. I may lapse into a diabetic coma if I stare too long. :)

  7. I so want to snorgle that dear sweet kitty’s fluffy tummy so bad :D

  8. Meeee, toooo. And the toebeans. . . . . yummy in the tummy

  9. Terry the Teresa says:

    ALL THE MARMALade fluffy….softie… (plop)

  10. OMP (Oh my pig!) That is so freaking adorable!! I want. I want that cuddly kitty for me to play with :) XOXO – Bacon

  11. Input of too much lasagna will garfieldify this kitty in no time.

  12. crashnandicoot says:

    yes indeed, I want a faceplant in that kitten’s belly stat!

  13. We can take turns, crashnandicoot :D

  14. mollykubik says:



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