Goatercize Your Way To A New U in 2014!

The year is winding down and maybe…you’ve put on a few pounds? No worries! Try “Goatercize” from Cute Overload! Our patented exercise process will have U slim and trim in no time! Just pile on a couple of Bebeh Goatsters and watch those pounds melt away! This is a limited time, money-back offer, so call now!

“It looks like a great way to make exercise fun!” – Cuteporter Amanda B.


  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    If there’s a thing, goats will stand on it.

  2. Like….Maddie!

  3. My cat ‘helps’ me workout in the same way.

  4. I like how this guy lets all the goaties take a turn.

  5. This guy is like a carnival ride for the goats! They’re all “My turn next!”. Too adorable!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    I think this video is from one of those Petting Zoo-mba classes.

  7. That could be the only thing that could get me exercising. But first I’d have to spend a LOT of time nuzzling and snorgling the goatlets. Just to warm up, dontcha know.🙂

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth, BFB! Whenever I see people get excited about a goat getting on a shed or a cow or whatever, I’m reminded of the ‘rule’ about “If something exists, there is porn of it”–I try to tell them it’s not that big a deal. “If something exists, a goat will get on top of it.”

  9. rescue gal says:

    Seriously, how do you DO that??!!

  10. The goats are like, “hey, this mountain keeps moving!”

  11. Bwaha. Love the last one, lying there like an entitled lil lump o’ goatlet.


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