Give a Little Bit

Give a little bit if you can today. Now’s the time that we need to share. Send a smile, show you care…

We had Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and today, Dec. 3, is Giving Tuesday. This is the second ever Giving Tuesday. The LATimes says the first was a success with peeps globally donating to over 2600 charities. Today there are an estimated 7500 participating charities according to USAToday.

Mouse-gerbil-hamster-munchkin via My Modern Met. Give a Little Bit lyrics by Supertramp.



  1. Bebeh hamster, I believe.

  2. That’s not a mousie, but a wee hammie! (Dwarf hamster, to be precise.) The little furry paws give it away.

  3. Thank you, now I’m going to have that Supertramp song in my head all day.

  4. Lauren Kramer says:

    Baby Gerbil 🙂

  5. No tail. Is no gerble. Is hampy.