Why Can’t I Get Online?

It’s Cyber Monday! All the good deals are gonna be gone! OK..let me check this.

This is OK..

Everything here looks good…

Ah. THIS thingy was loose. There we go.

Wait. Whadya mean that’s not my Amazon password? M-A-R-U. AARRRGH.

Via Guremike.



  1. Apple should definitely hire Thing One for future inspections.
    I heard that nothing escapes his gaze.

  2. Uh oh, better keep my kittehs away from the pet food websites….

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    There is a mouse running around under here, I just know it…

  4. Clairdelune says:

    Any kitteh with such white mittens as seen in pic. 1 has the right to go online and order anything, even caviar.

  5. AWW 😀 I see why the keyboard is up that high so that dear sweet Thing One and Thing Two can lay under it whenever they want to 😀

  6. Of course, Clairdelune 😀

  7. True that.

  8. Smartypants says:

    So handsome and floofy! And obviously smart.