Hey, Here Comes Someone…

Just act natural!

(cracking up laughing)

Are they gone?

Whew. Good job being casual and inconspicuous, Indi. Very convincing. (pats on head)

“Harlow and his old friend Sage are minor internet celebrities with almost 100,000 people following them on Instagram. Since they began sharing their pics, a new friend has been added to the household — Indi the Dachshund. The new pup seems to fit in just fine…” -Emily.



  1. Their pics are great, I follow them for a while now. Sadly, Sage passed away a few months ago, Indi was added after that, so Harlow wouldn’t be lonely.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Harlow looks delighted with his new pal .. I love those gentle giants!

  3. Wow, they are a super duper cute pair!

  4. Great pics! Hilarious!!

  5. We so need a BFF tag for these two!!!

  6. Great photo shots for this pair of BFF!
    So hilarious! Especially, I find picture #3 that gave me “HUH?” look!