Eagle Swipes Camera, Takes Selfie

Park rangers in Western Australia placed a motion-sensor camera near the Margaret River to study crocodiles. It seems an intrepid Sea Eagle had other ideas.





  1. Makes me proud! Only an Aussie eagle would so disrespect authority.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    I wonder what the eagle thought it was? Food, I guess, but why?

  3. “dafuq is this”

  4. *tap*
    Is this thing on? Hello?

  5. Something about this just makes me so happy. Big smile and laugh!

  6. I like how the eagle is all “Come on, be more interesting! That was a lot of work.”

  7. ooh, shiny!

  8. schutze689@sbcglobal.net says:

    So I wonder how the guy found his camera again. Did the eagle get tired of it and return it?

  9. he sees himself in the lens, he is like what are you doing here you?

  10. canadianmary says:

    AMAZINH….. HOW did the owner get the camera back though??? Inquiring minds WANT to know!!!

  11. The eagle probably kept its retweet.

  12. Nope. The camera kept working and filmed the whole hundred some miles the eagle flew. Scientists already were monitoring the footage because of the crocodiles, so they knew where it was from the gps and images.

  13. Don’t worry, canadianmary 🙂 They got it back and plan to BOLT it down so this will not happen again 🙂 *see link “had other ideas” next to video*

  14. Not a big fan of the selfie in general (how self-absorbed we’ve become!) but this one totally floats my boat. Love eet! 🙂

  15. I’ve caught this strange beast… now how do I get to its juicy innards?

  16. This is better than that one with the camera-stealing octopus!

  17. Possibly because it had encountered man-made containers with food inside before, like knapsacks or lunchboxes, and so assumed this one would also have food if he could get it open.

  18. Worst. Hard-Boiled. Egg. Ever!!

  19. He was probably wondering how he could get it to upload to Instagram or Vine.

  20. This must be how Cody felt in The Rescuers Down Under! ❤