Oh Yes Juan, These Will Do

Got an email with a McLinkersons on it (aka a Uniform Resource Locater) that led to some terrif photos. So whatta we do? POST’ EM, natch. From Cuteporter Juan C.





Le Individual Photo Creditos~
1) Sonja P.
2) Oliver B.
3) Owen H.
4) William A.



  1. sabrina rose says:

    Omigosh, these photos are AMAZINGLY cute!!! The bebeh oliphant striking a flirtatious pose (the hairstyle slays me), the little deer-like fawn holding a stick just like golden retrievers do (what are those animals??), the adorable face on that little chimpanzee – these are all such lovable images! Thank you CO!!!

  2. What ees that tiger-striped stick-carrying doe-eyed bat-eared moist-nosicled fluffy thing?? And and and my goodness they are all so cute I don’t even mind I have to go to a math lecture now, because who can be depressed by matrices when there are bebeh trunksters and aforementioned tiger-striped etc. things in the world?

  3. Even at my age I get broody when I see photos of babies of any kind – where I would put the elephant I have no idea!

  4. “Pile up on 101 – expect delays” That was my first “laugh out loud” moment of the day… And the hair on the wee Trunkster! Luv eet!!

  5. I just want to carry these pics around all day to look at constantly! Squeeeeeee! Ditto all the above posts but must say…Swkerls!! *sigh of total happiness*

  6. Katherine says:


  7. Someone pleeeese find out what kind of animal this is! I searched for 15 minutes and I have to go to work. Must know!!

  8. The best I could find before I too have to leave for work, is a bongo antelope. But none of the pictures I saw have them looking so plush and fluffy!

  9. Me thinks they are bongos – we have some at my local zoo:

  10. I forgot to say: I need that babeh monkeh. Now. Thankyouverymuch…

  11. OMG BEBEH TRUNKSTER!111!11!11!1!!!!1!!

  12. tommygirl says:


  13. doomchild says:
  14. Dog Lover says:

    The monkeh could not possibly be any cuter.

  15. It is… a Sitatunga!!

  16. lioheadlover says:

    I think they’re sitatungas!

  17. The charisma is STRONG with this bebeh trunkster!

  18. Smartypants says:

    The teeny, micro baby lizard! Dyin’ from Teh Qte here!

  19. I didn’t know they CAME that small.

  20. whatthelump says:

    Nice, thank you! Learning new things every day. Bebeh pics with stripes and dots can be found elsewhere but this site’s interesting: http://www.awf.org/wildlife-conservation/sitatunga

  21. I can never say which is the cutest, sweetest little face of the pics. They’re ALL totally adorbs.

  22. They’re amphibious?!

  23. I don’t usually think apes are all that cute, but THIS leetle one has something special! The look on his/her face–priceless!

  24. Thanks, research gang! Knew I could count on the peeps here! 🙂

  25. snoopysnake loves!