Once More For The West Coast Peeps

Technically it’s been 2014 in the US for three hours. But since C.O. is based in California, we wanted to get this one in, too. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year From Chris P. Bacon

Before looking ahead to 2014, The Most Famous Pig On The Interwebs reflects on his pig big year in 2013.

One Last Panda For 2013, K?

He’s round, chubbular, and playing ON A BLUE ROCKING HORSE! Can someone PLEASE get that little guy a party hat?

As seen on TO, via Mr. Penta.

2013: The End

And so dear friends, just a few more hours to go and we say goodbye to 2013, and prepare to greet 2014. Just so you don’t forget what day it is, Astor is here to remind you that we are at his end…of the year.

From Jenny S.

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot..

Does anybody know what that song really means? Not that it matters to this hoppy little dude- wind him up and look at him go!

Need A Little Bubbly With That, TB?

This time last week Teddy Bear was chowin’ down on his Christmas goodies. Now, with New Year’s Eve just hours away, TB has decided to tie one on a little early.

C.O. Desktop Wallpaper!

As we wind down the year, here’s something for your computer- a wallpaper with C.O. images from 2013. Just click on the image below, then right click and save.


You Knock Me Offa My Feet Baybee

Yesterday we presented this clip of Peacock Spiders dancing to YMCA.

For total bizarro-ness, we thought that would be tough to top. We were wrong.

Now, the fellow who made that video is back with another one- Pink Flamingos dancing to Michael Jackson. HEE HEEEEE! WHOOOOOOO!

The Story Of Mr. Fuzz

Ever had a houseguest that stopped by for the weekend..then decided to stay? That’s kinda what we’re talking about here.

Let’s let Robert R. step in at this point. “This is our Maine Coon, Mr. Fuzz. He is a feral that showed up last year in our neighbourhood as a hungry kitten. We started feeding him during the freezing months of January and February then one bitterly cold night he panicked while hiding on our back porch and ended up running in the house,” Robert says.

“He’s been here ever since.”

“He has grown into a beautiful cat who enjoys his comforts, as you can see.”


Sounds Pretty Heroic to Us

Martyna G. tells us this is Hector, “He’s brave like a mythological Hector and pretty smart because he loves to open water bottles, eat pumpkin and bark at sculptures.”

There is something profound in that wisdom. We’re just not sure what it is.

Cheers, Martyna G.!