Caturday: Squeaky Cheeks!

“Last year I was in a major car accident and recently I have been getting back towards work by foster caring for my local vet on weekends for the pure joy of it and to give me some drive towards routine. Recently this little black and white Kitteh squeaked in my direction via the vet and stole my heart!” -Kristen B.



  1. Ahhhh, baby tuxie!! *SPLORT*

  2. Is this the same person??? 🙂
    SUPER cute tux kitty!

  3. Pauline Woodard says:

    Adorable! I love Tuxedo’s …Mine also squeaks ..a friend of mine also has one that squeaks..His name i Squeakers.. They have their own personalities.. ❤

  4. Sometimes all it takes is the love of a furbaby to heal you both physically and mentally.

  5. Amen to that. So true.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Adorable baby tuxie but I wish she (and others) wouldn’t teach their kittens to bite like that. I have a newly adopted 3 yr. old kitteh whose only bad habit is the occasional (and unexpected) bite of the hand coming to pet him. Now I have to try to teach him not to do it.

  7. Kittens bite and play- it’s what they do. If she wasn’t playing with him he’d be biting something else. When you come in to pet a cat and it tries to bite you then you are not coming in to pet it right.

  8. They do bite and play, but if you give them your hand to do that with they will not suddenly stop when they get older and stronger. I always tried to let them use only toys for that. And when they get me while playing I always make REALLY loud sounds of pain and leave. If they hurt me on purpose I push them away. And that’s only a mild reaction compared to what they do to each other when my kitten tackles the older ones.

  9. Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist on Animal Planet, says the same thing, Puppi. I I thought of the un-training to come also, Mary(the first).
    That being said, I am so glad this person is finding new purpose through fostering! And the kitteh is certainly adorbs! 🙂

  10. adding my Amen’s and hugs to you.
    what a great idea, being a weekend foster parent for fur babies.

  11. AWW 😀 What a cutie 😀 The only problem I see is using one’s hands to let the kitten bite them 😦 I read that covering one’s hand with a couple of thick socks or better yet gloves before playing with the kitten teaches the kitten that you will only play with them and let them bite you while you are wearing those socks or gloves 🙂

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    When my roommates got a kitten, and that kitten subsequently decided I was a sibling, I spent *months* carrying around a spray bottle all day every day before I convinced him that my feet are not for eating.

    Unfortunately this is also around the time he learned to open doors.