Put All The Stuff I Buy On My Tabbie

[It’s Black Friday. It’s been in all the papers. Why aren’t the doors open?]

[The cheek! About time grumble grumble.]

[OK, I will allow you to pet me.]

[And I will smash my face against this thing.]

[Fish down this aisle? Thenks.]

[I’ll have a pair of these for lunch. I mean, I’ll take ’em to go. Yeah, to go, that’s it.]

[And maybe whatever is in here, gimme two of those.]

[And a few of these for the dumb dog at home.]

Graham the kitteh photos by Mail Online : David Dawson/Newsteam.


  1. Adorable! I wish we had a cat visiting each day at work. Mind you a library is probably boring for a cat.

  2. So true, we all need to save all the wonderful kitties that are available. I am so happy for the 4 cats I have…

  3. so cute….🙂

  4. AWW😀 I hope dear sweet Graham the kitteh lives a long and happy life😀

  5. whatthelump says:

    Love the 2nd pic, of him sauntering through the doors with his tail up!
    “Yep, the sensors detect me. I’m so boss.”


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