Lotta Noses Volume II: Black Friday Edition

Are you looking for some great tips before you head out? We got a few. Ten tips to be exact. Not to be totally obvious on Black Friday, but this is CO and it is Nosevember!










“Our super chill tuxedo named Porter, who is sacked out on The Mister’s shoulder. He sleeps through anything (including my high-pitched cooing while I take the picture).” -Minna M.
“Does this tongue make my nose look big?” -Karen S.
“Close-up of my Flemish Giant, Flopper, taken by my friend, Amy at www.drozianphotoworks.com. Check out those whiskers!” ~Joanne M.
“Duncan, our rescued Irish Wolfhound Mix, saying Happy Nosevember everyone. Duncan loves Nosevember ’cause he’s got a nose for turkey,
sweet potatoes, pumpkin…he gobbles them up! Thanks for keeping up the cute!” -Michele D.
“Nush.” -Alexis M.
“12 week old Ellie, the black lab.” -Madeline P.
“Mr. Biscuit for your Nosevember viewing pleasure. Sadly he left us a year ago at the young age of 5. This wonderful photo sums him up to a ‘t’. Thanks so much for all the cuteness!” -Celeste H.
“My Nosevember bunny, Gracen. She likes to to butt my arm with her nose when she wants a treat!I love your site!” -Melissa C.
“My mom’s poodle, Patti LaBelle.” –Lauren S. 
“My Pomeranian, Izzy. Her tongue has a mind of its own, as you can see. My girlfriend and I adopted her a year ago from a wonderful rescue here in Brooklyn called Waggytail Rescue. Photos by Charlie Gigante @moltovomito.com. More photos of Izzy can be found @ moltovomito.com/tagged/Izzy.



  1. Michele D. says:

    Duncan is so happy to be included in this adorable round-up of cute! Thank you for making his Cute Overload dream come true. 🙂

  2. Smartypants says:

    Oh, this is much better than braving the Xbox Stampede at Wal-Mart!

  3. Mr. Biscuit was posing for Fangsgiving.

  4. AWW 😀 I so LOVE the kitty pictures 😀

  5. Nush is delighted to be re-used as a nose model after managing to get into the top 50 Noses last year.

    Olly… not so happy.