Best Black Friday Deals EVER

Shopping in downtown San Francisco today? Stop by Macy’s Union Square for the 27th annual Holiday Windows event. The San Francisco SPCA says “Last year, nearly 300 animals found homes during the Holiday Windows event and $80,000 was raised to support the SF SPCA’s lifesaving programs.”

The Holiday Windows are up through January 5th. Hours are here. Four separate live video cams are here.

You can adopt on the spot at the temporary adoption center on the 1st floor of Macy’s.

Adult cats (6+ months): $50.

Adult dogs (6+ months): $100..Puppies: $250.

Kittens: $125 (U can adopt a second kitten within 30 days for free!)

In the SF area? Here’s how to volunteer. (Like these ladies!) Here’s how to donate, too.


All photos (except thumbnail and final photo) by Nora Stratton.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    So many adorable fur friends needing homes.. I got my new fur baby just 4 weeks ago and so happy. It’s just a different house with critters on the premises!

  2. kittykat416 says:

    At the Toronto Humane Society in Canada, all black cats are available for adoption for FREE on Black Friday!

    Also, I like that kittens come two-for-one 🙂 Especially the 30-day grace period (they know that people who adopt one will inevitably realize they need a second!)

  3. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet…

    For some reason, that song came into my head immediately upon seeing the first pic. 😀

  4. good one! posted!

  5. I LOVE that they thought of that! 🙂

  6. I am SO GLAD they did this!

  7. They should do that with all the SPCAs in Vancouver, British Columbia, kittykat416 😀 I would be more than happy to take a black kitty or two or more home with me 😀

  8. Why is it so expensive to adopt these animals? The adoption fee should cover shots and neutering/spaying…why is it $250 to adopt a puppy and $125 to adopt a cat?

  9. Jodi Hankins says:

    Is she wearing fur? Eeeuuwwww!!!!

  10. Oh, I hope all these angels got loving homes. I’m in LOVE w/ the puplets in the pics!

  11. Ahhh that little floppy-eared pup! While I understand that the money is going towards a good cause, I’m worried that that $250 price tag may prevent some people from adopting :-/

  12. rocky griffin says:

    That baby sloth’s cuteness is devastating!