THIS JUST IN: Maru + Hana Meet The Silver Vine Tree

A Maru/Hana double play just in time for the holidays! (And look! Actual dirt and leaves on the floor. ON. THE. FLOOR.) Mugumogu, what is going ON over there?



  1. phred's mom says:

    At long last, dirt on the floor!
    Thank you Your Thickness.
    I feel so much better now.

  2. I love these two! Beautiful!!

  3. Ha Ha Ha! I saw that too and was wondering how long it would take before someone noticed.

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Is this a catnip-type plant?

  5. As far as I know it is a bit more potent but has basically the same effects.

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  7. The Original Jane says:

    I had to google it. It’s also supposed to be medicinal/healthy for cats and humans.

  8. Amanda Johnson says:
  9. Cats so entranced by
    Silver vine that they ignore
    Big soft cardboard box?

  10. Hana at 0:47… Swat! Swat! Swat! Hahaha.

  11. weaselwardancer says:

    New floors? Or just a different room?

  12. Do you know if is sold on the West Coast of Canada, The Original Jane? 😀 I would buy some just to see if our cats (my brother, his male friend and me) Badger and Dooley would go crazy for it as well 😀

  13. These two are awesome! Maru’s all chill & rolling on the leaves, while Hana is all, take that! and that! and that that that! 🙂
    I did discover a side effect- of the videos, that is. I was giggling so hard at end of them that I almost missed my tabby Frodo’s reaction. If stink eye was a weapon, he’d have to register it- the burn!

  14. Maru vs Silver Vine = Winner Maru
    Hana vs Silver Vine = Winner Silver Vine

    I also Googled it like others above. The plant name is Actinidia polygama and as mentioned it grows in Japan and China, is used in traditional medicine, and is considered safe for both cats and humans.

    I found the seeds (and a powder…) available for sale.
    So apparently you can grow your own Silver Vine (if you have a green thumb–something I lack) and see if your cat can win a battle with the infamous Silver Vine.

  15. I read somewhere that Mugumogu moved to a different house.

  16. Awesome Haiku!

  17. Maru gets a bit more mellow and Hana gets a bit more manic.

  18. canadianmary says:

    sweet things…(goodness, about the dirt and leaves, though! LOL)
    i love the way Hana looks like she is wearing a pretty necklace; most fetching!

  19. I love Hana´s batting action! 🙂

  20. I love plants and I couldn’t bear to watch…

  21. Our cats have had different reactions to catnip– some get all mellow like Maru, but a few go nuts and start slapping everybody the way Hana does.

  22. The Original Jane says:

    I don’t have an answer. I’ll try to link a page that has the latin name and info of the plant. You could call your local nursery/garden centers and ask around. Or google the name of the plant for gardening websites in Canada, I’m in the USA.

  23. I haven’t seen it in Canada. You can get the powder (about a tablespoon) or sticks on Ebay from a seller in Malaysia. The powder would probably be easier to import than sticks — Customs might not like the sticks. You could put it in a baby sock. Nip and Bones sells a Silvervine fish toy, they’re in the U.S. You don’t need much powder for a reaction. There are a lot of silvervine (Matatabi) videos on the ‘net. Some cats who don’t go crazy over catnip will go crazy over silvervine.

  24. whatthelump says:

    ehehe, good one! The box does look kind of lonely…