N’otter Thing to See Here, Nope, N’otter Thing…

Except us Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!Otters!






MoreMoreMore otterly ottersome otterrageousness at Rocket News.



  1. These are all exceptionally cute; who knew otters were so expressive.
    Just wondering if photo 1 could wear the “Omigherd” tag?

    Just sayin’.

  2. SoCratesX53 says:

    Jazz paws!!!!

  3. These are *great*.

    Tuff Stuff is a fighter pilot!

  4. Otterly redonkulous.

  5. 4th picture: Invisible Jazz Flute

  6. Someone, anyone, please pick me up off the floor. I cannot take any more of this cute – I’m just a bundle of moosh.

  7. whatthelump says:

    Unbelievable cuteness! Somewhere in the world, an otter borrowed a college kid’s iPhone during spring break and trolled him/her by reenacting all the pics and replacing them 😀

  8. Gadzooks. The Cuteness. *thud*

  9. I’m still not sold on Wombats, but I have to admit, Otters are pure cutienessness!

  10. Love the otters! Number 1 looks like she’s showing off her new mani/pedi.

  11. Every time I see otters, I now think of Benedict Cumberbatch. I particularly like the little guy with his dukes up.

  12. Smartypants says:

    Amazing! They are hamming it up like little hoomins!

  13. OMG, the expressions on those faces!!! Insanely, ridiculously adorable!!! 🙂

  14. Number 5 is definitely the derpty derp uncle who comes to reunions and either gets the party started or kills it REEEEEEEALLY fast!

  15. Awww… why can’t I be an otter…

  16. The Original Jane says:

    Does it get any cuter than #1? I think not.

  17. Dramatic otter. *dun DUN!*

  18. #1….Rip Taylor

  19. Otter #2: I am pretty. Oh, so pretty….

  20. #1. I’m soaking in Palmolive?

  21. thanks thanks these photos….
    the first pictures is super nice and the others is too :):):)

  22. They are being cute on purpose, ruthless little critters!!

  23. Oh, absolutely hilarious comment!

  24. by the way?

    I’ve already ensured that his Theoness has seen this. He hasn’t come here to this page and he HAD already seen it before i f’warded the link to him specifically but He says He Was Cooking….but he is aware of the Otter Amazingness of this post…!!!

    East coast time at present 12 05 noonish

  25. actually I shd correct one part of that ;He might have come TO this page but I meant that as of yet He hasn’t COMMENTED At this page. *ahem*

  26. Fird!
    Hi. (Waving enthusiastically from the other side of the planet. Can you see me?)

  27. #4: John “Bowzer” Bauman