Behold Cutieus Maximus

“He is informally known as Max. I got him from a shelter last September (2012,) but his beauty and universally pleasing personality have me wondering why anyone would give him away. Their loss! Elegant photo shot by my housemate.” -Ridley J.




  1. Talk about regal. Gorgeous.

  2. He’s sexy and he knows it.

  3. Lucky you! We too were adopted by a cat that had obviously been part of a previous household. Her manners were impeccable and she seemed so grateful to be a part of our family.

  4. Yes, lucky you, Ridley! Max is so beautiful! I just love the golden eyeliner – so stylish!

  5. What a handsome guy! I always wonder why anyone gives any animal away (I’m sure there are legitimate reasons, though few and far between). I’d remove my own tonsils with an oyster fork before I’d give up one of mine. 🙂

  6. Then there are people like me who would do anything to have a kitty. My living situation prevents me from having one. Can’t understand why anyone who has a precious furball would give him/her up.

  7. Sometimes choices made by another impact living situations unfairly…would love to have my dog with me after my separation, but there it is, right in the lease in black and white… NO pets. At least my son is still at home to look after him. Miss my fuzzy furball… in tears here at the thought of having had to surrender him. I am grateful my landlady lets him visit on holidays, and lets me petsit when they all go on vacation. The biggest irony is that my hubby never wanted a dog, and now he’s still got him. sigh.

  8. Awww hon, I’m so sorry. I know there are times when you have no choice but to surrender a pet. I’m just glad you still get to see him now and then. Sorry if I made you feel worse – I never intended that. *hug*

  9. Smartypants says:

    Oh Wend, I’m sorry to hear that. Glad your landlady is willing to ‘look the other way’ – my landlord did the same for me when I took in my dad’s two cats. Hang in there!

  10. True that.

  11. Poor Wend! I’m holding my kitteh up to the computer screen right now so you can have a pat.
    Bless you Wend. Hope your situation improves. So “nice” your ex lets you dogsit.

  12. Yay!! My baby is famous!

  13. Hugs ((((((((((Wend))))))))) I had to leave behind two jointly owned dogs when I left an abusive ex (the dogs were never abused, they were treated a lot better than I was). Years later, it still hurts, but life goes on and I was able to give a good home to an amazing rescue cat that I would never have known otherwise.

  14. AWW 😦 I am so sorry that you were not able to take those two dogs with you, Theadosia 😦 Like you said, you have given a loving forever home to a dear sweet kitty 😀

  15. AWW 😦 I hope things change for you Wend so you get your dear sweet dog to live with you 🙂

  16. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give a dear sweet kitty a loving forver home, ^oo^ 😀

  17. I second that, joasia 😀 I so want to cuddle dear sweet Maximus 😀

  18. I second that, Dog Lover 🙂 I would do the same thing for any kitty I live with 😀

  19. Your baby’s beautiful

  20. GORgeous kitty!

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