Starts With The Nose, Ends With The Toes

[We gets lots of submissions, and we look at every one of them! Some of them are written just right, and they run AS IS. Rare..but it happens. Like this one. Ed]

“Here is a submission for ‘Nosevember’ that starts with The Nose and ends with The Toes. Gracie the Lab Puppy and the ‘infamous’ desk.” -Sue, Charleston, SC.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)
[Checking to find out why the desk is “infamous.” -Ed] See comments!



  1. If you look our submission from 08/14/13 Detente, you will see why this desk is “infamous”.

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I know why the desk is infamous! (waving hand frantically)

  3. Bo has finally convinced Gracie that she is the Under-Secretary of the Desk Napping department.

  4. great spot!

  5. Holy moley! Look at those giant-sized toe beans!!!

  6. Kissy toes!

  7. Goodness. Puppeh is too big to fit on top of the desk anymore.

  8. wow gracie’s gotten big. And still a puppy by the looks of it!