So About The 2014 Calendar (Part II)

Looking for an insanely cute 2014 Calendar? We’ve got just the ticket: Meme’s Family Calendar 2014.

It features the entire gang- Fuku, Goma and Meme!

You can cut and use every page as a postcard.

Pages are made of high quality art paper suitable for writing.

Lots more Meme Family stuff here, too!

Ships worldwide from Tokyo, Japan! Special CO thanks to Sakurako S! 我々 はあなたの関与を非常に感謝 !



  1. Pity there any CO calendars this year

  2. Nice idear being able to re-use them as postcards. One of my 4 favorite “Rs.” I like!

  3. Cute kittehs, and kudos for the postcard idea, but this calendar doesn’t even come CLOSE to compensating for the daily loss of eclectic cute + humor that is the Cute Overload page-a-day calendar. (Obvy, still not ready to be adult about this.)

  4. yer gonna like the ’15 one. Promish.

  5. lisaLASSIE says:

    hmphhh. This is a wall calendar. We need page-a-day cute animals of different kinds and funny captions. Well? Still pouting and whining….I mean waiting patiently for better suggestions.

  6. I second the “page-a-day cute animals of different kinds and funny captions” calendar, lisaLASSIE 😀

  7. *waiting impatiently in line w/ lisaLASSIE and Teresa, while tapping foot and pouting*

  8. Brinke, dear…That’s the equivalent of telling a child there’s no Christmas this year, but you’ll still like it next year!