POLL: Designer Doggeh

This story was all over the Interwebs a couple days back. The Cava-Poo-Chon is, quoting the New York Daily News, “Smart, healthy, hypoallergenic and never loses its puppy face. The perfect pet accessory’s price tag ranges from $2,000 to $3,500.”

What do you think? Take the poll!



Photos from Timshell Farm.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Not only that, it’s disturbing that people actually use living animals as “accessories”. I hope that doesn’t preclude them from being good doggeh parents.

  2. yay votaihrs!

  3. I think $2,000-$3,500 could sponsor/buy a lot of toys and food for a lot of shelter animals. Is what I think. Thanks for agreeing with me, pollsters!

  4. (pssst…. or wait for the knockoffs in shelters)


  5. The first time I saw my Lily I thought she was sorta homely (but I adopted her anyway). After a couple of days, I began to think she was the most beautiful dog on earth. Any dog I adopt will be adorable and gorgeous, no matter how they look to anyone else. I don’t need a designer breed, I just need a furbaby to love. Yay for shelter/rescue dogs!!!!

  6. That money could also go toward spaying and neutering, in the hopes of reducing the number of unwanted animals in shelters. But given the vote results, I am preaching to the choir…

    Cute puppeh, but I hope folks visit their local shelters instead.

  7. $3,000 for a mutt??? I don’t think so!

  8. Let’s think about this for a minute. A dog with multiple bloodlines, super cute, will live longer than most purebreeds…..sounds like a designer mutt to me. I think some people have too much time on their hands. Shelter pups and cats make wonderful pets, but like many things in life……..people are looking for “status” symbols when it comes to owning a pet (or anything else for that matter).
    This little guy/girl is super cute in spite of the price tag!

  9. Cute but, no. If I had $3,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I’d buy that electronic tablet I’ve had my eye on, then donate the rest to National Mill Dog Rescue.


  10. Does that really say “pet accessory” referring TO THE DOG???? Really? REALLY????? Un@#$%^&*((*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*-ing believable.

  11. Exactly! Maybe the shelters should start advertising their “designer” dogs! Cava -Poo-Chon my foot! And to think people will fall for that, and still pay that much money. Both my dogs have been rescues, and they are the greatest! And they aren’t even mutts.

  12. this dog is quite cute. she looks exactly like my housemate’s old mutt; a kind of benjy-esque look. why pay $$$ for that? pound dogs are greatest!

  13. This post is full of so much truth. Our second dog looked a bit alien to us, but she was so skinny and attached herself to me right away that we took her home. Now I cannot imagine seeing her that way. She is such a beautiful dog. I love my dogs for their looks and their personalities, and we swore to always adopt dogs who need rescuing vs purchasing one.

  14. We believe we have a cava-poo-chon. We were told she was a shih tzu when we got her, but her coloring was a bit off. As she has grown (yesterday was her first birthday!), we definitely saw poodle in her. Then I saw a picture of this dog and Gracie looks JUST like this. Needless to say we did NOT pay four figures for her! But she is sure adorable!

  15. Definitely a cute pup but no way would I pay that much money for a puppeh. Even if I had that much money to pay. But I suppose it’s doing some good if gets the breeders to mix up those bloodlines and lessen those genetic diseases a lot of pure breeds are prone to.

  16. This doggie looks just like my childhood friend. Shmutz was a found mutt and as loveable as a puppeh can be.

  17. Maybe we need a campaign to convince people that Chiweenies are the ultimate designer pet, or Plabs. And you have to go to a shelter to get them!

  18. Get a grip, it’s just a joke.

  19. I agree with everyone’s comments above about shelter pets! The shelter where I volunteer – a county animal shelter with open doors! – just announced that this is the first year they haven’t had to put any animals to sleep because of space issues!!! YAY!!! People, it’s all about spay/neuter and community outreach & education!!!

  20. The Original Jane says:

    I get so annoyed when anyone advertises a dog or cat as non-allergenic. Most people don’t realize it isn’t about the fur at all. It’s the protein in their saliva.
    So any licks on me or them licking themselves and then the protein dries on their skin/fur and invisibly flakes off into the air/home is a problem for me. Direct licks – hives. Invisible flakes – all sorts of respiratory problems. Sigh.

  21. I had a lab-husky-collie mix. What would his “designer” label have been? Huscolab? Laskyllie? He was the best, silly old dog. I wouldn’t have traded my mutt for anything.

  22. Many of these designer dogs end up in rescues/shelters because people buy them without understanding the responsibilities that come with having a dog. I adopted my “designer” dog (she’s a puggle) from a rescue. A few times, random people on the street have asked me how much I paid for her (rude!) and are shocked when I tell them I “bought” her for a $125 adoption fee, not $1200+ from a breeder.

  23. I’m all about rescuing all the doggehs and kittehs, of course! But I did vote that this little poopsie is just so precious. The price tag is higher than anything I could ever possibly swing, but I’m not about to tell someone who can afford it not to get one of these adorable floofies 🙂 But they must let me play with it.

  24. Flufferbutt says:

    YAY!!! That’s super exciting and I hope your shelter has many more such years to come!

  25. Huscolab….I like that one…..
    We have a border collie, burmese mountain mix (we think)….he is a pretty silly ol’ dog too. BTW, he was an owner surrender to the shelter…..his former owners lived in an apartment and Freddy (the dog) kept trying to get out. Needless to say, he found a big yard to play in and family that loves him much!

  26. rescue all the way! as a teen I had a German Shepherd X Labrador that was the result of an oopsie litter. people used to ask me what he was and I’d jokingly call him a “German Shabrador” and people would get all excited by this new and exciting breed until I’d say “actually, he’s a mutt!”. just call them mutts and be done with it!

  27. “He’s an adoptadoodle.”
    “She’s a shelterpooh.”
    “They’re twin rescuekees.”
    “Purebred Helookedatme Withthose Bigbrowneyes Vendéen.”


  28. glad to see the polls is leaning towards the shelter pup side. yep, this doggeh is adorable, but please consider adopting one that will fit into your home/lifestyle no matter how many breeds are listed in it’s name.

  29. huscolab….*snort*

  30. rescue gal says:


  31. Like!

  32. kittykat416 says:

    I think there are shelters that do just that! (They may have even been featured on CO before!)

  33. Maybe we can start a new trend of ‘shelter diving,’ people with too much time and money on their hands can hunt through shelters for the ultimate bargain… 🙂

  34. Rich people,
    what are you doing?
    Rich people,

    You just paid 3 grand for…a…mutt. And while I agree, mutts ARE the best. Why would you pay that much to buy one when there are scores of them literally dying to be adopted?!

  35. Someone ask Macklemore to write a song about it.

  36. If it’s a ‘mutt’ that severely allergic children can pet without a reaction… hate to say it but I’d shell it out if I had a kid who was allergic to dogs. My allergy to dogs was a ‘tough it out, kid!’ reaction by my parents: I wanted a dog, they got a dog, and so I was miserable after I pet the dog… but I never EVER stopped petting the dog until my allergies started getting better (years and years later). At least it was just a congestion issue, not a life threatening asthma attack or something worse.

    I’ve seen kids begging their parents to go pet someone’s dog, and when they are reminded they have allergies they look so broken about it. Either we need better allergy treatment, or more dogs like this!

  37. $3,000 could make a lot of shelter dogs and rescue dogs VERY happy. It could also spay/neuter A LOT of dogs that are already in homes but whose owners say they can’t afford the surgery.

  38. Jenny Islander says:

    We had a Scottiepoo decades before the term “Scottiepoo” was anything but a joke. Her name was Tina. The folks down the road had a male they named Useless. Both of them were free puppies from a box in front of a grocery store. At the time, if somebody had told either family that froofy little gray mutts would be worth thousands of dollars in the future, you would’ve heard the laughter all the way across the Pacific.

    If all of the parents and grandparents were excellent examples of their breeds and if the pups have already passed their puppy tests and vet examinations with flying colors, then maybe you could call them designer dogs. Otherwise, they’re mutts and you never know what you’re gonna get.

  39. Exactly what caught my eye too. Maybe hospitals soon provide help for hoomin moms to have their “baby accessories”…

  40. Hmm, just thought about something. Could they breed a dog that never loses its puppeh breff?? Now that might be an investment worth of 3000 bucks … 😀

  41. Over here in Sweden, that was a common mix, known as Schabrador, so it’s not just you 🙂

  42. Kit, the good news is that there are now allergy shots aimed specifically for dog allergies. For a long time it was only cat allergies, but now dogs are in there too! Also, I’m a firm believer of exposure desensitizing. Supposedly I’m highly allergic to cats and dogs, but have had them my whole life with no problems.

  43. dolphin815 says:

    Exactly. For people with severe allergies who also love animals it is a great option. Not everyone has the option of adopting just any pet from the shelter. Where it’s objectionable is when it is used as a bragging right and/or the animal is treated as an accessory (see: Hilton, Paris)

  44. My Panda is a rescue – almost 11, black and white cocker spaniel mixed with something that gave him feet the size of dinner plates. He visits the local shelter for kids’ birthday parties and a nursing home to see his Assisted Living friends. He is adorable and perfect so I do what I can to share him. He is priceless! You couldn’t buy a better, cuter dog at any price.

  45. I love goldendoodles, and think that some of the Newfie designer breeds are adorable. I look at it as doing what people have done for thousands of years and are making new breeds. And since I like different types of dog breeds, I’m all for creating new healthier breeds. I’d love to see breeders using shelter dogs to start their crosses. Who knows, maybe that little touch of sheltie you weren’t expecting did wonders for the dog?

    I’m a cat person. My current brood contains one stray off my block, and two cats adopted from someone who took a litter inside. My next ones will be shelter cats too, but am I evil in admitting I’m hoping to find a Maine Coon kitten or a Turkish van when I go in? Turkish vans swim!

  46. That *is* amazing! What is the name of the place?

  47. Sooo, my beagle-poodle mix (from when I was seven) would be, what? A beagoodle? A poogle? I just called him Tippy.

  48. HAI VICTOREIA AND ALL CO PEEPS!!! yay cute doggies boo orthopedic problems.

    (V — I have wanted to reach you for awhile. Can you please contact me? thx)
    Here is my secondary email….if we find each other there, I’ll give you my main one…

    If other CO’ers wanna write me there too that’s cool~!!! Y’all have a fab Turkey week or Channukah!! Love you GIZE (and galz)

  49. Email on the way, Fird!

  50. Also there are poodle/poodle type mixes in shelters which are less allergenic than other mixes.