Lemme Just Sneak This Outta Here

Nothin’ to see here. Ehn, ehn, ehhn! OK that wasn’t very sneaky.

“Too cute pup trying to get his stuffed toy thru the doggy door!” -Ellen G. Via YouTube


  1. You and me, we’re gonna do this!

  2. The best part is how the other dog is looking at him struggle and then looks at the person filming with a “can you believe this fool”- attitude.

  3. “A little help here please!! Sheesh, what’s the use of having a hooman if they won’t even lend a hand.”

  4. “I am not a smart dog, Jennay, but I know what love is.”

  5. crashnandicoot says:

    right on!

  6. Please tell me the cat’s not looking…..

  7. rule of cuteness…? when your toy is as big as you…?

  8. I love this! I got emotionally invested in the struggle and was so excited when he triumphed in the end.

  9. Same here. I shouted out “YAY!” loudly from my desk at work. NSFW, people.

  10. Yes, that is very CUTE! Hey and he finally succeeded, what else matters…. Good Dog!